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Video: Spring-Summer 2012 by Anna Bryant

Anna Bryant, International Buyer

Who is Anna Bryant? Anna Bryant is our international buyer and her role is to dress the UK in the best selection of fashionable shoes from around the world. Flying around the world looking at beautiful shoes must be a dream job for most women. For Anna, it is... Continue reading

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Sarenza’s cooking class

Chloe's cupcakes

Last night, me and the entire Sarenza communication team turned off our computers (one hour early, I have to admit) and went to a very special class: Chloe’s cupcake’s class!  As a team full of girls, we have been known to count the calories…but when... Continue reading

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Step into shape with Sarenza

Knowing how much I’m going to eat during the festive season, I have already started my January detox plan way ahead of schedule. When I first joined Sarenza, one of my first ever assignments was to work on a newsletter for Reebok Easytone trainers and it... Continue reading

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The rise and rise of the Converse

Converse All Stars

The prerequisite of the Skater boy and Skater girl alone in my home town during the 90’s, the Converse shoe has come a long way since it’s days at the forefront of grunge and is now the go-to-shoe for the Sarenza work force! However, the story of the... Continue reading

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C'est la rentrée!

My faithful Jeffrey Campbell's

“C’est la rentrée”, which literally translates as “the return” in French. It’s when everyone comes back to Paris after the summer, in the UK we think of it as mainly referring to students but in France it applies to adults too. Vacations are very... Continue reading