Sarenza meets… Faguo

The Faguo collection

At the end of September, French brand Faguo launched their weekend bag in collaboration with the men’s fashion blog Comme un camion. To mark the event, Faguo organised a party with bloggers, free flowing alcohol, some straw hats and a pop up bar…... Continue reading Tags: faguo, men's shoes, trainers


Converse for the whole family


Think about it…how many brands do you know that have one fundamental shoe style for men, women, and kids that is actually fashionable? To me, this is the beauty of Converse–comfortable, simple, adaptable, and stylish no mater your age or gender.... Continue reading Tags: Converse


Paris Fashion Week: Street style

Fashion Week

Models, bloggers, stylists, designers…fashion week has arrived in Paris! For the Spring/Summer 2013 edition, Sarenza is on the scene to take in the fashion shows and the best street style. I’ve posted some of our favourite looks here to share a... Continue reading Tags: fashion week, Paris


The Boy Blog


Since taking over as blog Editor, I realise I’ve been slightly gender biased when it comes to our posts. Simon our Country Manager left in June and since then it’s just been the three of us ruling the roost. Whilst we girls may “run the world” or at... Continue reading Tags: adidas originals, canvas shoes, lace up boots


Block Party

Ernesto Esposito, Tracy

This season, block-coloured outfits are dominating the fashion scene, with pretty pinks, bright oranges and gorgeous greens taking over from the traditional pastel colours normally associated with spring. The great thing about this latest trend, is that there... Continue reading Tags: Bright colours, Carvela, clarks originals


Cool Brittania

BARKER windsor

Once upon a time women cared about fashion and the majority of men looked like they were dressed by their mothers. Oh how the times have changed! These days men are giving their female counterparts a run for their money in the style stakes and it’s fair to... Continue reading