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Three British girls in Paris

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Happy New Year from Sarenza

happy new year!

What a fantastic, fun-filled year 2013 was! But now it’s over, it’s normal to reminisce over all the things we’ve achieved over the past year. It’s also a great occasion to look forward to the year ahead… After all, a new... Continue reading Tags: new shoes, new year

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Our Japanese night out at Sarenza!

The international team, ready to eat!

With 23 members and 14 nationalities, there’s always a great environment within the Sarenza international team. We work hard at our office in Paris to make sure that customers all over Europe have access to our ultimate online shoe closet, and we love... Continue reading

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Heel hi-tops from Be&D


Let me tell you that in our world of fashion, shoes do exist that you can run in without the risk of twisting your ankle. These (conceptual) trainers from the brand Be&D have just arrived on Sarenza and we’re going crazy for them in the office. The... Continue reading

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Wedding shoes


June is fast approaching and for me, summer rhymes with… wedding.  The sun is “supposed” to be showing us its best sunshine but this year, it seems to be hiding itself a little bit but never mind, it’s still the wedding season! You’re about to get... Continue reading Tags: bride, wedding