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1 hour with… Arsène

When it comes to fashion, some stories are so beautiful they need to be shared. Today, we’re telling you about Charlotte and Audrey, two best friends who created the French brand Arsène.


Sarenza: Tell us about your journey…

Charlotte & Audrey: We are two childhood friends from the little town of Mauléon in the south-east of France, the French capital of espadrille. The Arsène adventure started 4 years ago when we came up with the idea of working with the last espadrille makers of the French Basque Country, in order to offer styles that we like.

Did you work in fashion before?

Charlotte: Not at all! After our studies, I worked in communication and Audrey in real estate.

Audrey: Then in 2012 we both came up with the idea of creating our own brand. Our region’s history revolves around the espadrille and locally-made products, the perfect mix to offer quality products.

What is your typical day like?

Charlotte: A day can be completely different from the other depending on the season. Right now, we’re creating the collection that will be out in spring 2017, so it’s all about innovating, looking for new fabrics and original patterns and details… We want to surprise our customers next summer!

Audrey: We are also actively working on the launch of our current collection. Our days are very busy, from designing and making the products to writing our different communication media, managing our social networks… No time to get bored!

Where do you find inspiration when creating new collections?

Charlotte & Audrey: In fashion, music but also travelling! For example, one of our styles is called Tokyo and refers to our trip there. Our goal is to create the shoes that we want to wear. We like the idea of reaching people like us, that our espadrilles are worn by everyone. After our summer 2016 collection was out, we could feel our customers’ enthusiasm and wish to discover new styles and designs every year. People were pleased, and it makes us extremely happy. It’s all about these little things that stimulate us and boost us for the next adventure!

Arsène 2

Arsène espadrilles

How would you define your brand’s values?

Charlotte & Audrey: Sharing, happiness, generosity, just life! We want our espadrilles to be worn for special moments, not just at the beach. You can pull them off to go for a drink or a concert… They are made to feel good wearing them!

Where do you see your brand in 10 years?  Do you have any dreams, projects?

Charlotte: For now, we’re living this adventure one day at a time! Each season has its surprises, disappointments, good news… It’s a project we’re carrying month after month, year after year. This is our fourth collection already, and we hope to keep going as long as possible and create things we really love.

Does a designer create your products?

Audrey: No, we choose everything ourselves from A to Z: the fabrics, patterns, colours… We really do our best to create styles that we like and that our customers will enjoy as well.

Arsène 4

Has there been any obstacle on the way?

Charlotte: We have got ourselves into a domain we didn’t know at all, so it’s a perpetual learning process. We discover the fashion world as we go along, and it captivates us! For instance at the beginning, we would order too much or not enough fabric…

Audrey: We do have found ourselves into risky situations!

Charlotte: But we’ve always found a way to work it out so… fingers crossed!

Do you have a favourite style among all your creations?

Charlotte: I think one of the prettiest ones we’ve done is the one that’s about to come out (to be revealed on Sarenza!). We also really like our very first model, the sequined espadrilles.

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