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Fashion bloggers love the Sarenza brand – Roudoudou #6

With their vintage edge and cute pop of metallic, Roudoudou #6 are causing quite a fuss! In three different colourways, these beauties are available in pink and beige, blue or black and can be dressed up or down.

Blogger Punky B loves hers… Do you love them too?

Punky B Roudoudou #6


We love them styled down with casual turned-up jeans and a cute stripy top!

Punky B in Roudoudou #6

You can shop them right here!Roudoudou #6 Colour : Specchio rose gold / Ante Nude Roudoudou #6 Colour:  Specchio Ice Blue/Ante Ibiza Roudoudou #6 Colour vernis Noir/ante noir






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