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8 reasons to wear Bensimon

Because they’re super lightweight and comfy, because there really is a colour for every mood and for every outfit, because they ooze nonchalent French style, because they’re available on Sarenza… Discover 8 reasons to wear these cute ♥ Bensimon ♥ plimsolls!


1 They’re classics. Created in 1978, the legendary Bensimon plimsoll has become an icon in casual French fashion, an icon that, all these years later, still hasn’t got old!

They can be worn by everyone. Bensimon is adored by all ages, from 7 to 77! From the little bundle of joy playing hopscotch, to the teenage girl hanging out with her friends through to the busy mum juggling fashion with kids.

3 They’re comfortable. If Bensimon is so popular, it’s down to their comfort. Lightweight and well designed, this is our favourite pair of shoes to be running around in all day!

Bensimon kids

4 There’s so many choices! We girls love having choice! Blue, pink, yellow or khaki, the range of colours offered by the brand is constantly expanding… You can always find a new pair to add to your wardrobe!

Bensimon choice

5 They embody casual French chic. We can pretend we’re Parisian when we wear them… Just add a cute blue and white stripy top for an extra touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’!

Bensimon French style

They’re easy to look after. Quite remarkable for something that looks quite flimsy, these beloved plimsolls can be worn in the sandpit by your little one, by you traipsing round the park on the weekend, or wandering around the city, all without any risk. Just pop them in the washing machine and they’ll come out looking like new!

Bensimon tie dye

7 They go with everything. From boyfriend jeans to your little floral summer dress, combat trousers to a printed jumpsuit, a pair of Bensimons look good dressed up or down,

8 They’re a weekend-away essential. Going away for the weekend and only able to take one pair of shoes? Make it a pair of Bensimons! From a city visit to an impromptu walk along the beach, these plimsolls will be your best friend!

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