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How to wear… White trainers

white trainers

The it trainer of spring summer 15, undeniably fashionable, object of our obsession and must-have fashion essential for anyone this season, you WILL be wearing a pair of white trainers this summer! The trend has been around for a couple of seasons, but this year, white trainers are everywhere. Let us convince you that you need a pair too!

In order to convince you, we need to get a few things out the way first;

1) Forget your old school trainers circa 1982, this season’s beauties are sleek, modern and 100% 2015.

2) Forget worrying about keeping them clean. Unless you’re the kinda girl who likes to keep her trainers for indoor wear only, your trainers will get a little dirty. ¬†Nothing that a little scrub now and again won’t take care of.

Now that’s been said, now on to how to wear them!

With the new pastel outfit you bought back in February (but haven’t been able to wear with any of the shoes in your closet) and a cute pair of patterned socks…

Alexandra in white trainers

All white everything and an amazing tan…(admittedly not for everyone, sob!)

all white white trainers

With head-to-toe black to elongate your silhouette…all black & white trainers

With a super chic camel coat and nonchalent Parisian look…

camel coat white trainers

With bags of attitude (who cares what she’s wearing) √† la Rihanna!

Rihanna working white trainers




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