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Sarenza’s New Year Resolutions for 2015

Oh it’s that time again. The turkey coma has worn off and the we’re back to work with a bang… Now’s the perfect time to look forward to a fun and full New Year ahead and start planning all the wonderful things you’d like to acheive. Still haven’t decided on your New Year Resolutions? Here’s our New Year inspiration…


What’s Out

- The lemon juice diet that we tried once and made us feel so weak we nearly fainted on the tube (not a good look)

- Signing up to a super expensive gym and then kind of not having the time or energy to actually go

- Going to bed by 11 every night in the hope we’ll look super refreshed when we wake up.            January = grey skin, no matter how many hours we sleep

- Giving up alcohol for January – come on, the month is dull enough already!

Ok so here are the Sarenza New Year’s resolutions that you’ll actually want to keep;

- Stay up to date with the latest looks and fashion trends to keep you looking cool in 2015

- Treat yourself to some amazing new shoes

- Discover our exclusive brands that you won’t find anywhere else

- Stay posted for fun fashion news, hot trends and style tips throughout the year!








  1. #1 Bill:

    Great New Years Resolutions, I agree everyone should treat themselves to at least 1 pair of shoes :-)

  2. #2 Foxy Loxy:

    Ah, a new pair of shoes should be a monhtly / weekly / daily resoltion! ;-)




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