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DIY: Kiss my boots


Kiss my boots

With so much going on in the run up to Christmas, it’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming stressed or grumpy. Work is busy, the streets are packed with shoppers, the days are short and its blinking freezing. No fear! We’re here with a super cute DIY to brighten your day, and your wardrobe!

What you’ll need:

- A pair of boots (these ones are Valys by Elizabeth Stuart)

- Red felt

- Paper

- A pen, scissors and fabric glue

Kiss my boots

To start, take your piece of paper and draw a pair of lips. To help me, I found a pair of lips that I liked the look of on the internet and I traced them onto the paper. Then, cut the lips out – these will be your template.

how to bottines bisous2

Once your lips are cut out, place your template onto the felt and draw round them.

how to bottines bisous lips2

Then, very carefully, cut out your lips – try to have a steady hand! For inside the mouth I used a craft knife. Repeat as many times as you want. In my case, I used 8 lips per boot, so 16 little red felt mouths to cut out.

how to bottines bisous glue

Final step, the gluing! Take your lips and generously apply textile glue to the underside of the lips. Then gently press the lips to the boot to stick them on. If the glue oozes out the sides, use the craft knife to remove the excess before it dries completely.

And voila, my finished boots, covered in kisses!


Kiss my boots

Feeling inspired? Here’s our selection that would look perfect customised… or ready to go!

Kiss my boots shoe selection

1 – Sandals PAUL & BETTY Pretty Lips

2 – Boots SARENZA Monceau #8

3 – Boots I LOVE SHOES Poppet 

4 – Boots SARENZA Monceau #12

Thanks to Astrid for this super tutorial!




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