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Alexia Gredy, the face of Sarenza


Alexia Gredy is the pretty face of the new brand Sarenza. Parisian at heart (she is originally from Alsace), she divides her time between her day job (modelling) and her passion (music). Here’s a quick interview to find out more!

- Tell us about yourself

I’m 24, I live in Paris where I am a model and play music. I’m originally from Alsace.

- What are your tastes in fashion?

I like to mix things up, vintage / high-street / up and coming designers. I love oversized clothes, soft fabrics, pvc… My boyfriend’s wardrobe also comes in handy!


- What is your wardrobe mostly made up of?

Everything! And a lot of different things. To be honest, most of it is unwearable (heels that are way too high or boots with huge platforms). In summer, I would say jelly shoes and trainers!

- Your favorite shoes?

A pair of white leather trainers with chunky soles and perforated detailing.

- Your best piece of fashion advice?

I don’t know.  After five years in Paris I’m still searching for fashion wisdom… I still often make mistakes!

Thanks Alexia!

Find Alexia on Instagram: instagram.com/alexiagredy




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