Ippon vintage, sarenza introduces, French shoe designers

Sarenza introduces… Ippon Vintage

With luck and a lot of talent, that’s how the Ippon Vintage story began… Or “as a hotbox of bubbling creativity and ideas”, according to Stephane, its founder.

The result is incredibly enticing; exciting colours, graphic, arty prints and of-the-moment shapes and styles.


Vintage Ippon is primarily a clever mix of influences, a subtle mix of vintage and modernity, sprinkled with a large dose of  ‘je ne sais quoi’ that the French do so well.  ”We love referencing the past – there’s something so feminine about the vintage shapes of the pin-up. But we always transform this vision with a modern twist to provoke a reaction.”


The result? A delicate and poetic mix that makes a change from the banality of the everyday; Warhol-esque ballet pumps and liberty print trainers.

The stand-out shoes from the Ippon Vintage collection? The cute Chelsea boots and platform trainers. “We only manufacture wearable styles. We’ll work from a timeless shape but re-inject it with a fantasy,fun touch – that’s what we do best. Partly to follow current trends but especially for your viewing pleasure!” Finally a man who understands us …

A glance at his workshop offers the perfect way to help understand the origin of this beautiful fantasy and retro charm


Posters on the wall, ephemeral exhibitions of artists, ‘candy’ stools; everything is customized with an incredible artistic touch.

No minimal, hard edges here; ideas cover the walls and the office exudes a cool, friendly, collaborative atmosphere. “There are a few companies all working in the same office. This enables us to interact, develop ideas and share our creativity.”



Inevitably our eyes sparkle when we ask what we Stéphane has in store for the next collection; “Boldness without aggression” … real Liberty fabrics, suede for a touch of rock, still plenty of poppy colours, and a touch of retro navy, reminiscent of the 20’s.

We can’t wait!




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