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DIY ❤ Pineapple shoes


Our favourite fruit strikes again.

Having added some Club Tropicana vibes to our wardrobe for the last few seasons, we’re taking our love for all things pineapple down a notch a two or two, and keeping them discreet by wearing them on our feet! If you’re looking to add a fruity touch to your wardrobe, here’s a tutorial to inspire you to be your own Carmen Miranda!

A touch of pastel foam for comfort, a swatch of silver leather for fashion and a pinch of studs to emulate that much-needed spiky Pineapple skin!


You will need :

- A pair of colourful shoes (the ones used here are by Swear at Sarenza)
- A peach coloured sheet of craft foam
- Scraps of leather
- 16 pointed studs
- Scissors, strong glue, and a crafting knife


First things first, take the peach foam sheet and place it inside the shoe (at heel level) and mark out the width you will need your pineapple to be. Once marked, you can draw the leaves of your pineapple.


Once you are happy with your sheets, delicately cut your foam sheet with a pair of scissors


Now, take your scrap of leather and glue it to your cut out pineapple leaves. Wait for several minutes to be sure that it is fixed securely, then take your crafting knife and cut the leather in the shape of your foam.


Repeat this stage twice so that you have have two pineapples (for your two shoes !) and then leave your newly-sprouted pineapple leaves to the side.


You will need 8 studs per shoe to be positioned in three tiers (three, three and two) so gather your studs and arrange them on the back of your shoe. Different studs can be attached in different ways, so check the packet to see what the best way to securely affix them onto your shoes is!


Once all your studs are fixed, all that remains is gluing your leather pineapple leaves to the back of the shoe, thanks to the foam tongue on the cut out shape. Take some glue, spread it over the entire tongue that is visible below the leather and stick it inside your shoe.


Ag-a-doo-doo-doo, push pineapple, shake the tree…

Thanks to Astrid for this super tutorial!




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