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DIY ❤ Jelly Shoes… the “City makeover!”


There’s nothing like a good DIY challenge to get the creative juices flowing! Turning the summer-staple, beach sandal, into something that could mooch into the city office without raising an eyebrow, or strut down the highstreet without leaving a trail of sand in its wake is no easy challenge, but we volunteer!

When choosing a summer sandal, we listened to our inner child and opted for the jelly sandal - it’s the perfect blank canvas for letting our imagination and creativity run riot with sequins and glue (if still aren’t convinced that jelly shoes rock, check out our pinterest board and see why we love them!) These Lemon Jelly wedge sandals are schoolgirl-cool with thanks to their t-bar detailing and gummy soles, and while we have stuck to boardroom-appropriate black, the white version with baby blue soles are just as nice! While you could embellish your sandals with whatever takes your fancy (studs, diamonds, ribbons, or go for Céline inspired fur) we are feeling florals (Groundbreaking, IKR?) in classic white with orange sequins to make the shoe pop!

You will need :

- A pair of  Lemon Jelly

- Scissors and strong glue

- A needle and thread

- 20 pearly white flowers to sew on (we found ours in a local haberdashery but you can get them on ebay or etsy too!)

- 28 orange seaquins to sew on

- 28 small white pearls

diyf2To begin, organize the flowers on your shoe, so that you can plan where you will affix them them later. You will need 11 flowers for your two shoes. Once you have decided where your embellishment will go, take the first 8 flowers and for each of them, add a sequin and a pearl in the middle, and sew them on to secure.

diyf3To do this, cut 10cm of nylon thread, and thread this through the middle of your pearl and make your first knot. Take your two pieces of thread and slide them through the hole of the sequin so that the pearl becomes the  flower“stigma” (or in less technical speak, the centre!) of the sequin to be sewn on to the flower. Repeat this for all 8 of your flowers.

diyf4Once all 8 of your flowers are ready, take three of your flowers and cut them in two. Take your strong glue and stick these halves under your finished flowers to give them more depth and make them 3D. This stage isn’t obligatory but we think these adding the halves gives the flowers more body and bounce!

diyf5Your flowers are now ready to be attached to your shoes. We’re attaching our flowers to the first row of the toe of the shoe (the one with four holes) , however feel free to play around with your embellishment and your shoe to see where is easiest to sew them on, and where they fit best! Take one of your flowers and pass the thread through the needle and then sew it through the hole of your shoe.

diyf6With the thread, go around your flower and make two knots. Repeat the process a second time and put a bit of strong glue under your flower at the same level as your knots to make sure they are fixed in place and won’t budge once you start to walk! Repeat this with the four other flowers.

diyf7Once you have fixed your first line of flowers, take 10 orange sequins and 10 pearls. Half of these will be fixed to the second sandal strap.

Et voilà! That’s it for the front of your shoe!

diyf10But we haven’t finished just yet! Oh no… now it’s time for your ankle straps to be pimped with some petal embellishment (why should the front of your feet have all the fun? We’re making ankles scandalous again, just like Victorian times) Take the 10 remaining flowers, thread and scissors. For the flowers, the process is fairly similar to that at the beginning, however the sequins change position. For this ankle strap, we are going to put the sequin behind the flower in order to keep the knot secure.

diyf11Take your pearl, and thread it through the thread and make the first knot. Take your two pieces of thread and slide it through the hole of the flower and make a second knot. From there, take your needle, a cloth to protect your fingers (we’d stay clear of thimbles, no matter how cute and teeny they are) and make a hole in your strap in order to thread through and attach it to your flower. Once completed, all you have to do is make a double knot, thread your sequin and place a dot of glue under your sequin and thread to secure. Hold for 15 seconds and redo any remaining thread in a double knot in order to then burn your thread to make sure it never, ever moves!

diyf12If you have any spare sequisn or flowers, why not add some to the heel of your shoe ?

diyf13And there we go – your summer shoes sorted! Like any good DIY, individuality is key when transforming your shoes, so we encourage you to take our DIY and adapt it you your taste, style and shoes! We love seeing how you’re updating and personalising your shoes for SS14 so send us your DIYs or shoe-spiration via twitter or leave a comment below!






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