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Veja x Lily Cole: The Eco Collection

Lily Cole for Veja

Model and actress Lily Cole has always used her it-girl status to do good, and has just teamed up with French eco-conscious brand, Veja and the Sky Rainforest Rescue (a partnership between Sky and WWF to protect trees in Brazil) to launch a limited collection of trainers . For each pair sold, Sky in partenership with the WWF will donate £10 to help protect and save the amazon rainforest.

The design and ethical inspiration for this collection stems from a trip Lily Cole took to the Amazon in 2012. During this trip, she became aware of the fragility of the rainforest and on returning decided to commit and become involved with the fight against deforestation and realised the need to protect and preserve one of the world’s most incredible and important natural areas.

Lily Cole for Veja


Using soles made from the wild Amazonian rubber trees that naturally grow and occur in the rainforest, Veja is fighting against the rubber plantations that have sprung up across the rainforest and decimated much of the natural habitats.  Veja makes sure that the money goes directly to local farmers who manage and care for these trees, and this system sets out to act as a brake on many of the practices that have led to the vast deforestation. In addition, all of the shoes are 100% organic cotton.

For every pair of trainers sold Sky will donate £10 to Sky rainforest Rescue and WWF-UK’s work to help save one billion trees.

Discover the behind the scenes video and the limited edition collection today



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