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Sarenza Inside: Astrid’s Shoe Closet


Just back from Montreal; “Canada is the new Eldorado” and with plans to move and uproot in the future, Astrid is a globetrotter. Her unique blog Sp4nk and her sense of style has gained her a big following all over the world! Her style is “graphic chic” with smock dresses and checked trousers galore, and Astrid has a real panache for stand out accessories and (our favourite) statement shoes!

In recent months, Astrid has been showing us at Sarenza how to DIY and customize the most popular shoe styles for a look that is worthy of being snapped by The Sartorialist. Read on to discover more secrets and style advice from this kooky, offbeat fashionista!


Sarenza : Heels or flats ?

Astrid :  Although I love my trainer collection, I have to say heels! For going out, I put on high heels and I’m 10cm taller and nobody knows any better! However,  I stick to wedges for running about during the day.


Sarenza : Shoes, an addiction ?

Astrid : Addiction ? That’s an understatement!  I’ve lost count of my ever-growing collection. I really am a shoe addict and I even use them to decorate my shelves…


Sarenza : Why do you like shoes so much ?

Astrid : Because they are the ultimate accessory ; a studded boot, a boho sandal, a pin-up girl heel, it’s shoes that give life to outfits and show off your personality and mood. For me, I’d rather have three ‘to die for’ pair of shoes than a giant wardrobe, as shoes let you have fun with fashion!


Sarenza : What’s your go-to shoe ?

Astrid : A style that is original, an interesting shape and crafted with beautiful materials (leather, skins) …and sprinkled with colours and prints! Obviously comfort is a must! Nowadays, I am paying more and more attention to the production and ethical values of the shoe too – I really like to buy shoes that are « Made in France » for example.


Sarenza : A pair of « IT shoes »?

Astrid : Currently, I’m lusting after  K.Jacques and their new Melissa style…however no party is complete without my leopard Steve Madden heels. With a black playsuit, they always start a conversation.


Sarenza : Do you have a fashion faux pas to ‘fess up to ?

Astrid : To be honest, I don’t believe that fashion faux pas exist – it’s all about wearing what you like, feeling comfortable in what you wear and rocking it ! The more eccentric a pair of shoes are, the more I love them! I have a pair of heels with a transparent heel and lots of quirky sandals. Like BFFs, we’re a match made for life!

Sarenza : The pair that makes your boyfriend think  “WTF” ?

Glittery Litas from Jeffrey Campbell, however they always seem to raise eyebrows with everyone!


 Sarenza : What will you be wearing this summer ?

Astrid : I’ll be channeling the 90s look  with cute jelly shoes and my new Vans that are covered in cats ! I’ll be wearing my faithful Converse to death (as usual!) and tying out the normcore trend for clunky, ugly shoes, with the pair of Birkenstock that I customized (and you can too!)

Sarenza : What’s on your SS14 wishlist ?

Astrid : Cute brogues! I’m dithering between getting a pair from Robert Clergerie or Miista. I really want to wear silver shoes this summer because there is something quite chic about them and they add a quirky twist to a casual look.


Sarenza : Astrid will stop wearing heels when… ?

Astrid : Never ! Perhaps if the day comes when I no longer need to leave the house I will give up on my heels, but there’s no fear of that happening any time soon!



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