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DIY ❤ Studded Birkenstocks


This season’s it-shoe is a wild card. Flat, chunky and -let’s not lie- kind of ugly, the Birkenstock has clumped its way into the hearts and wardrobes of some of the industry’s coolest creatives. Already seen on the feet of models, fashion editors and bloggers (and orthopedic specialists…), these sandals are a summer must-have!

Embellished with studs and gems, here’s our tutorial (that’s a bit easier than the last one!) to make your clunky sandals cool!

You will need :

- A pair of Birkenstock 
- Pliers and strong glue
- 10 round black studs
- 8 black pointed studs (ideally, choose studs that can be sewn on)
- 12 black gems


To begin, it’s important that you correctly adjust the sandal’s buckle so that it’s a good fit for your foot, as once it is customized it may be difficult for you to readjust it.

Take the right side of your buckle and position your first stud. Once you are happy with its placement, attach it with your pliers.


Alternating your studs with little black gems can add a chic element to your sandals. Taking the strong glue, place a small drop on the back of the gem (enough to cover the base of it) and place it on your shoe. Firmly press for 30 seconds.


If you put too much glue on your gem, take a cutter or a fine knife and remove the excess before it dries.


Now, the only thing left to do is recreate the look on the other strap. On the upper part, stick 5 gems, spacing them out in 1cm intervals, and place your studs in a similar way.


Once the round studs and gems are affixed, it’s time to toughen these sandals with some rock and roll pointed studs! Fix the 4 pointy studs where you best see fit.


Given their form, these studs risk falling off easier than the gems, so that is why we recommend choosing studs which can be sewn on.

To do this, take the black thread, tie a knot, and thread the needle. Thread the needle through the hole of the stud, and begin to sew it on to the sandal. Repeat a second time, and once securely fastened, tie a knot to finish.

If your sandals are covered in excess glue, finish by tidying up the shoe with a cotton swab and some dissolvent.

The result

Just like the painterly shoe, we haven’t changed the shoe drastically, instead opting for minimalist embellishment to create a unique and different look!



Creative direction and photos -Astrid from the blog Sp4nk




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