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DIY ❤ Arty heels

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Seen on the Spring Summer catwalks of Paris Fashion Week, the Arty trend is on our radar. If a head-to-toe brushstroke look isn’t in keeping with your style palette, go for a painterly heel to brighten up your outfit!

Read on for our “how-to”, and customise your shoes for a look that’s perfectly on trend for SS14.

You will need :
- A pair of black heels (these ones from Georgia Rose are perfect)
- A round brush ( Size 14)
- Adhesive tape
- Textile paint ( White, yellow, green and red)

diy 2

Step 1 : Outline your shoe
To begin with, you will want to give your shoe a basic outline to follow by tracing a few straight lines.

A good composition of graphic lines will balance out the loose, freehand strokes that you will add later. Outline where you want your lines to be with masking tape, which will create straight, bold shapes.

Take your first colour and paint. Once it has dried, you can move on to the next line with a different colour. If the colour isn’t bright enough, add another coat of paint. Wait 20 minutes before removing your tape and moving onto the next step.

Step 2 : Protect the sole
Now the outline of the shoe is finished, you can let your artistic side out!
Cover the soles of your shoes with masking tape to keep the lines clean and to stop any rogue drops of paint spoiling your shoes.

Step 3 : Freehand painting
Once your tape is fixed, you can begin painting with the brush.
Take your brush and paint one or two stokes of each colour on the different sides of your shoe, without forgetting the heel. You don’t have to be precise (embrace your inner Matisse!) and try varying the colors and thickness of your strokes.


The result
Feel free to add more or less brush strokes to suit your shoe. Here, we’re keeping things graphic with blocks of colour and contrasting brushstrokes so it isn’t too chaotic –and voilà, a perfect painterly shoe!


Astrid, from the blog SP4NK




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