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A Streetwear Queen’s Sale Selection

Anne-Estelle's Sale Selection

If you’re looking for THE coolest girl of Sarenza, you need to head to the Web Design Team. With her trendy trainers, colourful backpacks and crazy clashing colours, our Artistic Director is the real deal! Cool, individual and totally adventurous, Anne-Estelle creates her own individual look.

Known for her good humour and ultra-bright smile, her laughter reflects her style: refreshing! This fashion pro mixes cool jeans, patterned sneakers and bling! Always unpredictable, she reinterprets fashion and gives us a lesson in cool street style.

Discover her style and sale selection!

Sarenza: What do you at Sarenza?

Anne-Estelle: I’ve been Artistic Director for 4 years. I work with a team of web designers on the visual representation of Sarenza’s fashion DNA which we channel into the site visuals as well as all printed communication. We are also the creators of Sarenza’s visual chart.

Sarenza: Describe your style in a few words

Anne-Estelle: Cool, urban, eclectic and pop, I worship the world of sneakers and am a Nike loyalist especially their vintage styles. My style: a mix of 90′s and ethnic patterns. I know it may seem like a risky combination for mere mortals with the potential to scare men off but this look is tried and tested. Take it from a married woman… it works!

Sarenza: Any fashion faux-pas’?! What did Anne-Estelle look like before establishing her current look?

Anne-Estelle: Like any teenager I had my rebellious phase with pretty daring outfits: skinny Levi 501s + crop tops + denim jackets + yellow Timberland boots all in the middle of winter and without catching pneumonia! Today, the more I cover up, the nicer I think I look. I still wear the Timberland’s but no longer the super tight skinny jeans.

S: Your shoe collection is mostly made up of…?

A- E: Trainers! But also ankle boots and wedges (because I am a girl after all!), I also have a soft spot for brogues that give a classy touch to an urban look.

S: Which shoes will you never find in your shoe closet?

A-E: High heels! They’re objects of torture! You also won’t find ballet pumps, or knee high boots, or even certain trainer brands that I can’t even bring myself to name…

 S: During the sales are you pretty rational or a spendaholic?

A-E: I’m very reasonable, I don’t need anything and only buy something when I really fall I love. I buy things in the instant, when I spot something I love, to ensure I get it before it goes.

S: The trend that will define your Spring/Summer 2014 look?

A-E: Clumpy-soled shoes which look solid yet graphic

Anne-Estelle’s top 3


MOHEKKAN Navajo bag

A-E: Because occasionally I’ll put my backpack down…

NO NAME Plato hight cut cheyenne

NO NAME Plato high cut cheyenne

AE: They’re everything I like: Ikat print, 90’s flatform and a vintage look



A-E : Psychadelic-chic

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