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The Girl-Next-Door’s Sale Selection


Holà que tal?

Dayana is our beautiful Franco-Peruvian Communication Manager for Spain. Her style mantra? Laidback cool.  Her style secrets? Luxurious basics and chic casualwear.

Girly and cute from her perfectly manicured nails down to her cool wedge trainers, Dayana’s down to earth look is always perfectly acessorised with her long glossy hair and friendly smile around the Sarenza office. Her fashion favourites? The classic biker boots, skinny jean combo as seen on Kate Moss and Jessica Alba. Nothing can drag Dayana away from her trusty skinny jeans for the ultimate work uniform.

Biker boots, wedge trainers or fur-lined boots, we know that Dayana must have some heels hiding away in her wardrobe at home…

Sarenza: Dayana, what do you do at Sarenza? 

Dayana: I’m in charge of promoting Sarenza in Spain, in collaboration with our news agency in Madrid. I also organize events, publicity evenings and collaborations with Spanish journalists and bloggers.

Sarenza: Tell us a bit about your fashion journey

Dayana: I’ve been through a few phases! I did everything in the wrong order! When I was younger I experimented with the hip hop look with some fetching Lacoste sportswear! Then in high school, I went from my rapper look to twinsets and pleated skirts… Then after my weird adolescent phase I gradually managed to avoid the extremes, find my current style: classic with a rock chick twist!

S: Describe your wardrobe

D: It’s divided into two specific sections: my work section basically made up of skinny jeans – yes, lots of skinny jeans – leggings, nice jumpers with a bit of colour and prints and pretty much only flat shoes. Then the weekend section, reserved exclusively for when I go out – where all my high heels and dresses are preciously arranged!

S: Any fashion faux-pas’ you’d like to admit to?

D: I must admit I have a weakness for sports socks. I mainly manage to hide my embarrassing faux pas… until I sit down at work, and then they become visible… I’ve tried so hard to stop but they’re just too comfortable!

S: During the sales are you crazy or careful?

D: I’m pretty reasonable, I only buy things I really need.

Dayana’s top picks



With their rock-chic metal tips and their cut-outs around the ankle, these are this season’s must-haves!

HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 Maddox 2

HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 Maddox 2

I can already imagine wearing these with black leggings and a leopard print scarf for an ethnic vibe. And I love the snuggly fur around the ankle.



With their high heel and thick platform, these are the perfect boots to go clubbing in to add a rock twist to my little black dress!

Thanks Dayana!

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