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New Downton Season, New Downton Shoes


The countdown has begun until the much loved Downton Abbey returns to our screens and we’re getting excited!

Whether you’re a major fan, or have only seen the odd episode, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the amazing period costumes and gorgeous vintage-style shoes!

We’re excited to meet all the new cast members: Lord Anthony Gillingham, Nigel Harman as Gillingham’s valet and the amazing Shirley MacLaine, who’ll be back as Cora’s mother among others!

But as we wait to discover the fate of poor Lady Mary (can she ever find happiness again?) and to find out who Lady Edith is cosying up to (so exciting!) we decided to plan our Downton-inspired shoe list!

Here’s our top Downton-style picks:




These gorgeous Bocage ‘Merizo‘ burgundy t-bar shoes will get you into character!


And we think these Georgia ‘Rose Vareo‘ sandals would be perfect for a dance or a posh outing for afternoon tea!

PERLATO Clotilde

And who can resist these amazing Perlato ‘Clotilde‘ lace-up boots?

NEOSENS Rococo 815

We defy anyone to slip on a pair of these Neosens ‘Rococo 815‘ boots and not feel at least half-way between real life and a Downton extra!

NEOSENS Rococo 817

And finally, another pair of gorgeous lace-up boots Neosens ‘Rococo 817‘ from the baroque-inspired brand.

Downton Abbey

 Image credit : Season 4 preview photo from ITV

Which ones will you go for?

Do you like any of these as much as you love the series?




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