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After stumbling upon this article on the BBC about the worst things about going back to work, we couldn’t help but agree with most of the points… However, us girls at Sarenza are optimists and decided to come up with a counter argument (it wasn’t too difficult… promise!)

So, be prepared to be impressed that we found a whole 10 great reasons why getting back from holiday isn’t the worst thing in the world!

1.  Ok, so the holidays are over, that’s ALWAYS going to be sad. But at least you have a healthy glow after some sunshine (or a face full of freckles in my case) which is always preferable to a ghostly winter pallor. Admit it, there’s nothing better than getting into work and having your colleagues compliment you on how well you look (Potentially this is due to the fact that you haven’t been at work, but that’s beside the point!) For those of you who aren’t so sunkissed, a good dose of bronzer is perfect to give that ‘I just spent a week in St Tropez’ glow!

2.  September is synonymous with back to school. Even if you’re a grown-up, September is the perfect occasion to ditch the sandals you’ve worn to death in August for a new pair of sensible shoes and a new handbag to match. The only difficulty is deciding whether to go for preppy loafers, edgy ankle boots, classy heels or grungy biker boots! Decisions, decisions…



3. Summer fashion. While we love hanging out in floaty frocks and strappy sandals, summer fashion can be quite limited and occasionally tricky to get the right balance between being cool enough not to worry about dreaded sweat-patches and covered up enough not to stick to every chair you sit on (no use trying to deny it) With all the amazing autumn fashion filling the shops and magazines, we can’t blame you for secretly looking forward to autumn clothes again.

4. And of course back to work means back to sport! (for some!) After a week of lying perfectly still on a lounger, only turning to perfect your tan, now is a great time to bag a colourful pair of Nikes and get active. Or just look cool and comfortable at the same time. If they’re good enough for Rihanna, they’re good enough for us…

NIKE Wmns Nike Free Bionic

NIKE Womens Nike Free Bionic

5.  Back to work also means you can get to start dreaming about your next holiday destination… Already? Well, ok, that might be a little hasty, but there’s nothing like starting to think about the next spot of sunshine to help fight the back to work blues.

6.  Back at home or the office also means meeting back up with friends and colleagues. Just like when you were 7 years old going back to school to be reunited with your friends, it’s weirdly exciting to reconnect and catch up after a summer break, compare suntans, and swap holiday gossip over lunch.

7.  Holidays are amazing, but after re-reading Cosmo for the 5th time, snoozing in the afternoon just because you can, or consoling your frazzled skin after a sunbathing sesh… there are limits! As every respectful working girl knows, hanging around doing nothing is not enough. You need challenges and action. Time to get back in the driving seat, for a little while anyway…

8.  If you have kids, they’re also going back to school… The equation is simple: less free time for them means more free time for you!

9. September is the perfect time to settle down and get back into all the amazing series back on the telly. With the return of Downton Abbey on 22nd (yippee!) And the gripping Homeland, we’ll be glued to our seats for the next few months!

Downton Abbey


Photo Credit: Series preview from ITV


 10.  At Sarenza, we love making lists (here’s the proof) and especially To Do lists. There’s something particularly wonderful about writing something down, only to be able to cross it off the list later. September is the perfect month to start your back-to-real-life list: Clean out the fridge? Check! Catch up on all the washing? Check! Sign-up (at last) for yoga ? Check! Buy a new pair of shoes on Sarenza? Check! Check! Check!

Still not convinced? Maybe you need some lovely blue shoes!





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