Kids shoes fit for a prince(ss) with Start Rite, Converse and more!

Kate Middleton pregnant


With Kate Middleton’s due date less than a month away, we can’t help but join the fun on speculating about the baby’s gender, name, appearance…and everything else! We’re super excited about this historic moment and wish Kate all the best for her final weeks of pregnancy and delivery.

Given Kate’s exquisite fashion taste, we’re sure that the royal baby will plenty of adorable outfits for us to coo over. Do you think he/she will have a traditional “elegant” wardrobe, or a more modern style?

If we’re going traditional, then I can imagine a baby girl in a flouncy white dress with a pair of silver pumps like these Pèpè shoes.

Pèpè baby shoes

That might be a bit too old fashioned, though…especially given that Kate knows how to put together an elegant outfit without looking like she’s walked straight out of Downton Abbey.

In that case, maybe the baby will have a slightly less formal wardrobe, complete with snuggly onesies and girly pink pumps like these Tip Toey Joey shoes.

Tip Toey Joey

Cute and comfortable, we think this would be a great style for a newborn who has presumably a rather demanding life ahead!

If the royal baby is a boy, we hope that he looks just like his dad! When Prince William was a child, it seems like he was always impeccably dressed.

Nothing says “prince” quite like a pair of mini lace ups like these Start Rite shoes, complete with smart trousers and a comfy polo shirt.

Start Rite

But even little princes have to have days off from looking smart…we hope that the royal baby will have plenty of comfortable playtime outfits, too. Do you think the royal family would go so far as to dress him in jeans and Converses?


These tiny baby Converse shoes are too cute to resist, what do you think?

Do you have any predictions about the royal baby?


Have a great day!

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