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  Did anyone stay up late to watch the Oscars last night, or have you all spent your mornings going through results tables and photo galleries? I’m not enough of a trooper to pull an all-nighter (even for fashion, sadly), but I’m really excited about the results and happy for all of the winners. 

And, of course, there were SO many great dresses…I loved Anne Hathaway’s pink frock (which looked EXACTLY like my prom dress, I kid you not–though a much more expensive version!) and Adele’s classic black number. I didn’t think that there were very many truly daring dresses this year, which may have disappointed some, but I love the elegance and simple lines of this year’s red carpet. 

Working in the shoe industry means that I’m ALWAYS paying attention to footwear, whether it’s on the street, on the bus, or on the red carpet…but the problem is that with gorgeous floor-length evening gowns, it can be hard to get a look at the high heels underneath. From what I’ve seen, though, there was a clear favourite in the shoe department… 

Jennifer Hudson shoes

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Jennifer Hudson’s sapphire high heels were my favourite shoe of the night. I almost wish that her dress wasn’t ALSO sapphire so that the shoes would have stood out even more…they’re both elegant and youthful at the same time.

Get the look:

Steve Madden
These bright blue platform heels aren’t quite as sparkley as Jennifer’s, making them super versatile: wear them with an elegant dress for a red carpet look, a pair of white or yellow trousers for a flirty feminine style, or with a minidress to hit the dance floor.


steve madden Carvela
These reptile print open-toe heels are pretty much a toned-down version of Jennifer’s fancy stilettos. The blue isn’t quite as bright or as shiny, and there isn’t a platform so they’re a bit more sensible for everyday life. As mush as I love Jennifer’s high heels, I have to admit that I don’t often have the occasion to wear shoes like that…but these ones from Carvela would definitely fit into a “normal” wardrobe!


It may not seem fair to have another pair of Carvela shoes on the list, but as these sapphire sparkle shoes are actually quite different from the ones I decided I could let it slide. These may not be quite as elegant as the shoes that Jennifer wore, but they ARE very fun, British, and perfect for a night out. Sometimes, you just need a little a lot of glitter, don’t you think?



Betsey Johnson
These super high platform shoes are an edgier version of Jennifer Hudson’s red carpet look. The dramatic platform, combined with that striking leopard print pattern will definitely make a statement, wherever you wear them.



betsey johnson



What was your favourite fashion moment of the 2013 Oscar ceremony? Leave a comment and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week everyone!

Jessica xx


  1. #1 Pink Haired Princess:

    I was pretty disappointed with the fashion this year…think I’ve seen sooo many Oscar red carpets, it’s getting bland!




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