Trend alert: Urban chic with Nike, Converse and more


Always on the lookout for the latest trends, our Sarenza stylists love to give weekly updates on the current fashion styles sweeping across France, Europe, and the world. This week, it’s street style. “Urban chic,” if you will…think Rihanna and Rita Ora. My favourite thing about this trend? It’s comfortable! Wayyy easier to manage than mini dresses or stilettos, and you can find great fashion trainers for much lower prices than certain brands of boots or high heels. Here’s our top selection of shoes to match your urban style:



Converse shoes are pretty much the definition of urban chic…this spotted style takes the look even further! They’re a great way to make a statement and can be worn year-round. Converses for the ultimate fashionista!



This list wouldn’t be complete without highlighting at least one of the fab new retro Nike styles. Bright colours, hi-tops–this collection isn’t for the gym! While Nike does have great performance shoes, these street trainers are for the more fashion-minded. Aren’t the great? They’re almost out of stock–proof that street style is super hot right now.





For a something a little edgier, what about these Vagabond metallic trainers? There’s nothing girly about these silver shoes…Vagabond screams “tough” with a stylish edge. They’ll match just about any colour outfit you have on, so they’re perfect for injecting a hint of rebel into your style.





Wedge trainers are a great take on the urban chic trend–all of the great aesthetic appeal of high heels (long legs and a bum lift…yes!) but without the painful walking or the feeling that you have to “dress up” to wear them. That’s why we love these Serafini wedge trainers in a slightly more vibrant and eye-catching colour palette than last year’s styles.



Like Converses, Vans have been screaming “street chic” for ages. These low-rise trainers are very trend-on with their neon green shoelaces and urban appeal. AND they’re comfortable. AND they don’t cost a fortune. Sign us up!


What do you think of the urban street trend? What kind of shoes do you think go best with a street look?


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Jessica xx




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