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January may be over, but winter certainly isn’t! After a weekend of tramping through freezing rain and snow, all I want to do now is curl up on the sofa with a giant mug of tea and a book. January had the reputation for being the worst month of the year, but February actually isn’t much better…it’s still cold and dark, and Valentine’s Day isn’t always the best day ever, depending on your situation!

While we’re still waiting for summer to settle in, though, how about making the most of those cosy days in? Hopefully spring will be here before TOO long, but there can be something comforting about staying in the warmth with a nice film while the winter weather rages outside. It’s also the perfect time for those little household projects…organising your closet, redecorating the bathroom–all of those things that keep getting put off, you know?

What do you like to do on your days in?  We all know that a cosy pair of slippers or comfy trainers are essential to our weekend wardrobes, so here are the best of those styles from Sarenza!

ruby brown

This cuddly Ruby Brown hot sock is super warm without being too bulky. I hate slippers that make me feel as though I’ve got small animals attached to my feet, so the slipper sock design of these is just perfect!


These women’s Converses are perfect for getting things done around the house. I like the half-ballet pump cut as keeps them from being too chunky (aka outdoorsy), leaving these shoes soft and flexible. Perfect for tidying up or heading over to a casual afternoon at a friend’s place!

rocket dog

These Rocket Dog slippers aren’t my normal style at all, but I think they’re kind of cool with the anchor design and bright colours. Definitely the kind of shoes to wear when you’re exploring the attic for lost treasures or reorganising your room!

bedroom athletics

For snuggly warmth, nothing beats these Bedroom Athletics slippers! Perfect for lounging about on a blustery February day when you don’t want to do anything but hibernate!

What are your plans for surviving the rest of winter?

Jessica xx

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