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valentine's day shoes

Oh, Valentine’s Day…possibly the most-hated holiday of the year, but still one that continues to barge into our lives at the beginning of February to brutally inquire as to the state of our love lives.

What’s your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day? I don’t hate the holiday altogether, but I don’t like all of the pressure to do something “romantic” or surprising. My ideal Valentine’s Day would be a quiet night at home with a nice dinner, a bottle of champagne, and a one day vacation from dishes/laundry/housework. I know that probably sounds more like your grandma’s life than the life of a 20 something living in Paris, but I’m afraid it’s true. These days, quality time at home definitely beats the stress of finding a reservation at THE restaurant and rushing to get ready after work.

But regardless of your Valentine’s Day plans, the holiday is a good excuse to throw together a great outfit. Keep reading for inspiration…

Girls’ Night Out

girls night out



All the single ladies…
These days, Valentine’s Day is moving away from the tradition of only celebrating romantic love. More and more girls are using the opportunity to celebrate friendship and family, which I think is great!

If you’re the type of girl that prefers dancing and cocktails to stuffy dinners and red wine, then be sure to dress the part with a fun, youthful outfit.

paul and betty

These pink polka dot high heels from Paul and Betty are perfect for a girl’s night on the town. They’re festive (with appropriate Valentine’s Day colours), quirky, and attention-grabbing, great for getting your boogie on!

steve madden

For another great party shoe, slip into these Steve Madden platform heels. Steve Madden shoes are always up to date with popular trends; that pop of neon pink is the perfect accessory to spice up any outfit. AND, since these heels are mostly nude, they’re actually quite versitile as well.

Table for two



table for two

Of course, there’s still something to be said for old-school romance. An intimate dinner at a nice restaurant can be a fun way to celebrate a relationship or to rekindle the flame if you’re normally both caught up in the busy banality of everyday life.

I do enjoy dressing up in an elegant dress, putting on a bit of my special occasion perfume and going to a swanky establishment, pretending to be somebody important! This is the type of shoe I’d choose:

l.k. bennett

These L.K. Bennett shoes have the perfect shape for a classic black stiletto. They really are timeless, and the superb L.K. Bennett quality means they’ll last for ages. These are NOT shoes for trolliping around a club–save them for more quiet nights out and enjoy the elegance, class, and feminine power of black stilettos!


These red high heels are yet another pair of Guess shoes that I’ve added to my ever growing wishlist. The red is subdued enough for a sophisticated outfit, yet still offers a nice bold sweep of colour. And besides, if you can’t wear red high heels on Valentine’s Day, then when can you??

À la maison

dinner at home



For those of you like me, this is your idea of the perfect date night. Intimate and personal without the snobby waiters or the PDA enthusiasts at the next table, sometimes a homecooked dinner can be the nicest dinner of all. But just because you prefer a night in to a fancy restaurant or a wild party doesn’t mean that you have to wear sweats!


These Bloch ballet pumps are feminine, cute, and comfortable–perfect for an effortlessly chic look. This type of shoe is my go-to when I want to look nice and put-together without looking like I’m trying too hard.

spot on

The same thing goes for these Spot On slippers. I love the slipper cut as opposed to ballet pumps, which aren’t always great if you have long toes! The studded embellishment is also very trend-on offering a young, fresh take on a rather classic design.

So what will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day?

Jessica xx




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