Men’s shoes: Nike, Clarks, New Balance new collection

men's shoes

It’s been a while since we’ve written about men’s shoes, which is a shame given the great new Spring-Summer 2013 collection at Sarenza. So to celebrate the end of January and the 1.5 months remaining until the OFFICIAL start of spring, here are some great men’s shoes from the new collection.

Our top five men’s shoe brands are…



Nike has become such a classic, iconic brand…I don’t think Nike trainers will EVER go out of style. Always on top of the latest fashion craze, Nike has wowed us again with these retro hi-top trainers. They’re cool, elegant, and sporty all at the same time! Check them out in bright blue or red for an even more powerful punch.



Similarly, you can never have too many Converse shoes…the king of casual versatility and everyday comfort! This season, there are plenty of cool new colours to choose from, like these bright blue Chuck Taylor All Stars. How many pairs of Converses do you have in your closet?


clarks These great leather shoes for men are a refreshing change from canvas but with all the comfort of a great pair of trainers. They’re sturdy enough for winter but light enough for summer, perfect for any guy who prefers to stick to what works rather than buy new shoes every few weeks!



 I think it can be difficult to find a nice pair of wellies for men–women have so many options of patters, prints, bright colours…but what about the guys? These Hunter wellies for men are effective and masculine with a nice dark olive colour.

New Balance


new balance

These New Balance trainers look like they’re ready for a disco more than the running trail, but that’s just what makes them so great. Exercise becomes way more fun with good workout gear, so we’re all about the neon colour fest going on with these shoes. The neon yellow laces especially! I’m still looking for the women’s equivalent…

Have a great weekend!

Jessica xx




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