DIY: Glitter toecap shoes!


At Sarenza, we LOVE a little sparkle. Nothing glams up an ordinary outfit like a bit of glitter, and we wouldn’t dream of dressing up for a night out sans sequins. We also love being creative and adding our own unique touch to our wardrobes…Luckily for us, professional stylist Marjorie has prepared a fab tutorial of how to turn a pair of basic pumps into gorgeous party shoes!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Here we go…

1. Start by placing a strip of tape across the toe of your shoe to mark the area you want to work with. This will make sure that you have a nice, clean line at the end.

step one

Tip: Place a paper towel over the rest of the shoe to protect it during the next steps!


2. Spray the glue on the tip of your shoe, then immediately cover with glitter and let it dry .
Tip: Not a fan of glitter? Try spray painting a toecap on instead!


3. Once the shoes are dry, shake them a bit to get rid of any excess glitter. Then you’re all ready!

finished product

SO easy to do, and it looks great at the end! You could have fun with it by trying different colours of glitter/paint to diversify your shoe collection. Let us know once you’ve tried, we’d love to see your photos!

Have a great weekend!

Jessica xx


Note: This post was adapted from the blog.




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