Tarantino style with Carvela, Camper, and Asics

With Quentin Tarantino back on everyone’s minds with the release of Django Unchained, I’ve been reflecting on some of his earlier films and remembering my favourite Tarantino moments. Tarantino’s characters are always so memorable, especially the women. They’re beautiful, strong, and lethal…a great combination for a female lead role. While a lot of Tarantino’s women share these three qualities, they’re also distinctly individual, each with her own personality and her own motives for whatever it is she accomplishes throughout the film.

I believe that you can tell a lot about a woman’s personality by the types of shoes she wears, so I’ve had a bit of fun imagining the style choices of my three favourite Tarantino women. Do you agree with my selection?


 Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction

uma thurman pulp fiction

Tarantino’s films are packed with memorable characters, but for some reason I’ve always been drawn to Mia Wallace, the sultry wife of a mob boss in Pulp Fiction. This was where Uma Thurman made her big break, and it’s no surprise why–her character is mysterious, seductive, powerful, and pathetic all at the same time. One of the most iconic scenes features Thurman walking barefoot, but if I had to choose a pair of shoes to match Mia’s personality, stilettos are the obvious option:


These Carvela high heels featuring a stiletto heel, platform, and a glossy finish, embody the confident sass that Mia Wallace exudes in the film.


Mélanie Laurent in Inglourious Basterds

shosanna dreyfus inglorious basterds

The pretty, kind Jewish woman with a thirst for revenge…Shosanna Dreyfus is another standout Tarantino woman in my book. I love her strength of character behind her delicate appearance and the way that she catches her enemies completely off guard. Sartorially speaking, she’s probably best remembered for the bright red dress she wears during the film’s climax, paired with a black hairpiece and striking red lipstick. To pick a shoe that matches her character, though, I thought a pair of feminine ankle boots was a nice match:



These Camper ankle boots are tough AND filled with feminine allure. The perfect subdued everyday look for a woman like Shosanna, complete with retro flair.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

kill bill shoes

It may seem unfair for Uma Thurman to be featured twice, but she’s such an imporant actress in the Tarantino world that I think it’s necessary. As “The Bride” in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Thurman goes to incredible physical extremes to fulfill her thirst for revenge. One of the most memorable accessories of the films are her yellow trainers. If you watch closely, you can even see that there’s rather assertive message written on the soles when Thurman runs…

onitsuka tiger

These yellow Asics trainers are almost exactly the same as the Asics trainers that Thurman wears in the film. The brand is actually Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese label, but has been a part of Asics since the 1970s. These are THE shoes to wear when you’re feeling ready to take on the world.


Which Tarantino film is your favourite??


Have a great week,

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