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How has everyone been handling this little UK blizzard we’ve been having? I really, really hate the snow…I know that it’s pretty and everything, and perhaps a snowy day is lovely if you’re inside with a mug of hot cocoa and footie pyjamas, but unfortunately that never seems to be the reality for me. Waking up in the morning to a fresh blanket of snow isn’t nearly as exciting as it was when that meant that school was cancelled…now it just means cold, wet feet for the entire day.

That is, until I discovered Moon Boot


Moon Boot safari

Moon Boot Safari

I was skeptical at first. You see, Moon Boots reminded me of ski boots, which reminded me of my one terrifying skiing experience during which I was cold, wet, tired, bruised, and trapped on a mountain surrounded by death snow. The idea of walking around in ski boots, needless to say, was NOT so appealing (it’s so hard walking in those anyway, am I right?!?)

Then I realised that Moon Boots may not be the most chic pair of shoes for a stroll down the high street, but that they are pretty cute considering how practical they are. I especially like the leopard Moon Boots, they’re not quite as heavy duty as some of the other styles and they could actually look quite nice over a pair of dark trousers.

Sometimes, though, old man winter calls for a little more protection…

Moon Boot queen

Moon Boot Queen

These white quilted Moon Boots are perfect for snow frolicking, if you’re into that sort of thing, or otherwise perfect for traversing the snow-covered streets in cases when it’s absolutely necessary to go outside during a blizzard. They’re bulky but adjustable so that they fit comfortably, and they’re waterproof to keep your toes nice and cosy. These almost make me eager to go out in the cold…

If trendy leopard and quilted patterns aren’t your thing though, not to worry–Moon Boot has plenty of styles for anyone who likes to stand out at the ski station.

Moon Boot rainbow

Moon Boot Rainbow

Rainbows aren’t really my style, but I can’t deny that these rainbow Moon Boots are pretty fun. A nice splach of colour is quite nice in a world of white snow and the boring black/brown boots that seem to take over this time of year. I think that bright colours can even make a very cold day seem just a little bit warmer, you know?

These are all women’s Moon Boot styles, but there are plenty of options for men and kids, too.

Moon Boot Nylon

Moon Boot Nylon

I mean seriously, how cute are these?!?

Moon Boot pod

Moon Boot Pod

So, have you jumped on the Moon Boot bandwagon yet? Do you these they belong anywhere, or are these only ok when you’re on a ski holiday? Post a comment to let us know! Have a great afternoon, and be sure to stay warm ;)

Jessica xx




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