The Sarenza gift card has arrived! Michael Kors, Steve Madden, and more are waiting…

Finally, the wait’s over! The Sarenza gift card has arrived, just in time for the holidays. I always love opening a gift card on Christmas day because it means 1) I’ll get to go shopping (for free) and 2) I’ll definitely end up with a present that I love. Some people see gift cards as a cop out gift, but I think that’s a bit silly…they’re easy to give and fun to spend, what’s wrong with that?

If someone was to offer me a Sarenza gift card for Christmas (hint, hint), then here’s what I would spend it on:

L.K. Bennett

L.K. Bennett

My first choice would be a pair of the ever popular Sledge heels from L.K. Bennett. They’re a little pricy for my normal shopping budget, but I’ve wanted a pair of these gorgeous, sophisticaed shoes since the first time  I saw them!

Ugg Australia


Similarly, I’ve never bought into the Ugg trend because I’ve always found boots that I really like at about half the price. But I would love to see if Uggs are as cosy as they’re made out to me, so if I had a gift card to spend on shoes…these classic short boots would be at the top of my list.

Georgia Rose

Georgia Rose

Normally when I go shopping it’s because I have something pretty specific in mind–a new pair of brown leather boots to get me through the winter, a pair of trainers for my new running passion…I don’t do a lot of shopping on a whim. I love these red ankle boots, though, and while I probably wouldn’t spend my shopping budget on them, I’d definitely get them as a treat to myself with a gift card!

Steve Madden

steve madden

These Steve Madden wellies are another of my favourites from Sarenza that I haven’t managed to buy on my own yet…I think quality is more important when buying wellies than in just about any other type of shoe, so a gift card would be a great opportunity to upgrade!

Michael Kors

michael kors

I have been seeing Michael Kors bags EVERYWHERE in Paris recently, and I’m so ready to jump on the bandwagon for this trend. The bags are simply beautiful: simple design with exquisite quality and detail. Unfortunately, a gift card might be necessary if I ever want to afford one!


What would you spend your gift card on?


Happy Thursday,

Jessica x




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