Surviving Christmas with Carvela, Clarks, and Ugg!

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. However, it’s also the busiest time of year…

1) The office Christmas party

Work parties are famous for being the scene of embarrassing mistakes…or even worse blunders (Love Actually, anyone?), so I think it’s a good idea to have some ground rules before heading out. I always try to decide ahead of time how much alcohol and canapés I’m going to consume so that I won’t be too tempted, and I usually like to eat a little something before.  

Also, even though you’re surrounded by colleagues, I think it’s best to keep the work talk to a minimum. The purpose of the party is to have a good time with coworkers, and griping about work doesn’t exactly set the party mood!

What to wear? For events like this, I like to keep it festive but classy. It depends on the environment, too…if you work in a conservative office, then showing up at the Christmas party in a red bodycon minidress probably isn’t going to get you that promotion!


These Carvela shoes have all the metallic shimmer of party season without the hoochie factor. Plus, the platform will make it a little less likely that you lose your balance and fall face first into the punch bowl.

2) The family dinner

If you’re lucky enough to have a family that gets along well all together, enjoy the occasion and make the most of the time with your family! If not…well, welcome to the club! My strategy is usually silence; as annoying as it is to hear relatives droning on about their political views or telling the same “hilarious” story for the hundreth time, I just try to sit through it instead of creating even more drama by hurting someone’s feelings or starting an argument. It’s just not worth the fight, in my opinion!

What to wear? Something non-controversial…After all, the last thing you want on Christmas is a lecture about your “Bringing sexy back” T shirt, am I right?


These Clarks boots are conservative but stylish, and the heel shows that you care enough about the occasion to make an effort. I chose boots instead of pumps or heels because, if your grandmother is like mine, the last thing you want to hear on Christmas is another “Aren’t your feet cold?” comment.

3) The holiday errands

Buying ingredients for your apple pie, shopping for gifts (unless you shop online), traveling to visit family…you know the drill! My biggest mistake is always waiting until the last minute, when all of the good presents are sold out and every grocery store has lines out the door. This year I’ve started as early as possible, trying to do one or two tasks each week so that I won’t be too overloaded the week leading up to Christmas.

What to wear? If I’m busy or stressed, then I hate having to worry about clothes on top of everything else. For those days, I forego trying to coordinate cute outfits and opt for jeans and a sweater instead. Comfortable shoes are absolutely essential!


These Ugg boots are perfect for cold-weather outings. Warm, comfortable, and fun with the edgy biker theme, these shoes are my go-to pair for a quick outfit.


So what are your tips for getting through all of the holiday season hustle and bustle? Please share!!

More soon,

Jess xx




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