Jump into winter with our most popular styles from Ugg, Moon Boot & more!

winter boots

We’re definitely in the middle of one of the busiest times of year. There are parties to plan, gifts to buy, and food to cook! But just because December is going to keep us all running around like crazy doesn’t mean that we should forget about our own priorities…

The official start of winter isn’t until the 21st of December, but mother nature doesn’t always seem to follow those rules! Now is the perfect time to get a head start on shopping for winter boots to stay warm during the holidays.

According to Sarenza shoppers, these brands are the essentials for surviving the cold winter months:

1. Ugg Australia


Whether you love them or hate them, Ugg boots are still one of the most popular items in the UK. With trends, I often like to choose a style that’s a bit different from THE design that everyone and their grandma deems the must-have of the season. These Ugg boots keep in line with the classic Ugg style, but the buckle adds a refreshing twist.

2. Moon Boot

Moon boot

If you’re going to wear Moon Boots, there’s no reason to be subtle. You might as well go all out and get a fun colour like this turquoise or hot pink! I have to confess that the Moon Boot trend is a little beyond me–they do look incredibly warm, but the ski boot look makes me think of a very traumatic experience skiing falling down mountains in the Alps…

3. Skechers


For a more subdued look, Skechers boots are definitely a widespread favourite. Great for comfort, boots like this in black or brown are perfect for everyday errand-running. The faux fur lining will keep you warm while you’re out shopping for all those gifts!

4. Geox


These Geox boots have the best of both worlds: the warm comfort of fur-lined boots, plus the elegance of leather boots. Geox’s huge popularity is more than enough proof that these shoes are high quality and made to last.

Which winter boots will you be treating yourself to this Christmas?


Jessica xx




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