Film fashion: Dirty Dancing with Bensimon and Vans


The ultimate feel-good movie, perfect for a girls’ night in, “sick” days, or a lazy Sunday afternoon…who doesn’t love Dirty Dancing?

 For decades, teenagers (and adults, too) have seen a bit of themselves in Baby, the “ugly duckling” who blossoms into a beautiful swan with the help of gorgeous Patrick Swayze, a pair of high heels, and a mambo or two. We know the lines by heart (“No one puts Baby in a corner”), get up and dance to “Be My Baby” and “Cry to Me,” and feel goosebumps when we hear the first notes of “Time of my Life” at the end of the film… 

 And, of course, the outfits in Dirty Dancing are just as engrained in our minds as the songs and dances. How could we forget the high-waisted cropped trousers and tucked-in top that Baby wears during her first dance lesson? dirty dancing

For me, Baby’s shoes might be the most iconic part of this outfit as we watch her feet learn each new step, perched on her tiptoes in those classic white canvas trainers, similar to the Bensimon ones below:

bensimonThese same shoes make another appearance later on in the film as Baby begins her transformation from an innocent schoolgirl to an assertive (and seductive) young woman. Remember this scene when she crosses the symbolic bridge to go to the staff residences?

Denim shorts and a tank top…this is one look that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Try it with a pair of Vans like the ones below for true 80s attitude.


And finally, the swan transformation is complete. Even before I became interested in fashion, I remember the moment when Baby switched from trainers to high heels, culminating in the unforgettable moment at the end of the film…

What better inspiration than this scene to shop for gorgeous silver high heels for party season? These Georgia Rose high heels are full of retro charm.

Georgia Rose

For a modern twist, these Bordello high heels would be perfect to help you dance the night away:


Which films are your source of fashion inspiration?

Happy Monday!

Jessica xx


Blog post adapted from a post by Sarenza Italy.




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