Converse for the whole family


Think about it…how many brands do you know that have one fundamental shoe style for men, women, and kids that is actually fashionable? To me, this is the beauty of Converse–comfortable, simple, adaptable, and stylish no mater your age or gender.

Women’s Converse:

ConverseFor the ladies, I love these shiny silver Converses with pink laces! (They come with a white pair of shoelaces as well if pink isn’t your thing). One of our coworkers has these, and I’m jealous every time she wears them…seriously the perfect shoe for everyday that’s a little more interesting than the standard Converse colours.

Men’s Converse

Converse ballard suedeThese men’s Converse trainers are nearly sold out, but I’m not surprised. Classic, masculine, comfortable…these shoes are an essential for any man’s wardrobe. I’m not a huge fan of hi-tops for men, I don’t know why…but I’m definitely not a man, so what do I know? Maybe hi-tops are a bit more practical for November weather, though…

Girls’ Converse

Girls ConverseWith these pretty peach Converse hi-tops, any little girl would be thrilled to dress like the “big kids”…or at least I would be, if I were seven years old again… And, for once, dressing “older” is actually practical and comfortable with Converses. No high heels on my little girl, please!

Boys’ Converse

Boys ConverseSimilarly, these velco Converse trainers are perfect for boys with a super cool style who can’t be bothered fussing about with shoelaces.  They’re also a part of the Sarenza mid-season sale, so it’s the perfect time to do a bit of Christmas shopping, no?


What’s your Converse style??


Jessica xx




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