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One topic I’ve realised that we’ve been neglecting a bit on the Sarenza blog is actually a pretty big one…maybe not super relevant in my life just yet, but for more and more of my friends and for plenty of our wonderful Sarenza fans, it’s extremely important!

We’re going to try to start posting a bit more about kids shoes’ on the Sarenza blog, including our top selections from the Sarenza catalogue as well as information from mums and child development experts regarding the best way to choose kids’ shoes.

To start off, I wanted to highlight a few of the most adorable styles from one of our most popular kids’ brands, Tip Toey Joey!

Tip Toey Joey Lazy

Everyone wants baby shoes to be cute, but way more important than the aesthetics are the way the shoes provide comfort and warmth to ensure a baby’s healthy growth. These Tip Toey Joey boots are of extremely high quality, complete with a cosy fur lining and leather exterior. The soles are rubber to prevent slippage as our little ones take their first steps, AND they’re just simply adorable!

Tip Toey Joey Braidy

For a special occasion, there’s no reason why the kids can’t be dressed up, too! These girls’ slippers are soft and gentle on the feet and will help any baby girl to look her best for a christening, wedding, or even a family Christmas party.

Tip Toey Joey Carnaby

And here’s the boys’ equivalent..this baby shoe comes in a couple of different brown shades as well, but I chose the gold because I think it’s a bit more festive, especially with the holiday season coming up soon!

Tip Toey Joey Drifty

These high top trainers for babies make the list for their durability. Tip Toey Joey shoes tend to be a bit pricier than some other baby shoe brands, but I think the quality is definitely worth the extra cash. The attention to detail is just stunning…again with no-slip soles and sturdy leather, these shoes will hold up well for as long as they fit your baby’s feet…and perhaps even baby #2, too!

Tip Toey Joey Beany

Finally, another adorable slipper-boot that looks so cuddly that I almost wish they came in adult sizes so I could wear these around the house!

For all the mums, dads, aunts, and grannies out there…what do you look for when buying children’s shoes?

Have a great day,
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