Happy Halloween! Make an Irregular Choice…

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was always one of my favourite holidays as a child, and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic this year since we don’t celebrate it much here in France.

To me, the best part was always coming back to the warm house after trick-or-treating and dumping out buckets of sweets onto the living room carpet to assess the night’s plunder and to trade the things I didn’t like. That rush of warm, cider-scented air as we would come back inside after a few hours in the cold is still one of my favourite childhood memories.

Since I won’t be dressing up this year, I’ve been spending some time looking at Halloween-inspired clothes and shoes online. With the huge selection at Sarenza, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed! To me, no brand represents the kooky creativity of Halloween better than Irregular Choice.

Do you own any Irregular Choice shoes? If not, you definitely should! Irregular Choice is one of those brands that never ceases to amaze with its creativity and innovation. Here are our top picks from the Irregular Choice new collection at Sarenza:

Femme Irregular Choice

To me, these brogues have a bit of a gothic feel…I’m loving the contrast of the light pink ribbons and flowers with the darker exterior. I think that a pair of lace-up shoes like this could go so well with plenty of different outfits…a dress with black tights in winter or shorts with girly ankle socks in summer. Even skinny jeans and a cardigan would compliment these Irregular Choice shoes in just the right way.

Abaigails Party Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice’s Abigails Party shoes are BACK in a much more wearable form this season. I loved the crazy purple flower pattern on last season’s model, but I struggled to imagine how I could possibly fit that much spunk into my wardrobe. These shoe boots are the same cut, but the colour and pattern is much more subdued without being boring (obviously it’s not boring…it’s Irregular Choice!).

Irregular Choice Baby Beauty

Finally, a pair of party shoes that don’t leave the feet exposed to the harsh winter air! These Irregular Choice shoe boots are a must for the upcoming party season (and for many party seasons to come, if you ask me). They’re versatile, fun, and comfy…what more do you need?!?


Halloween might only last for today, but I’m sure that I’ll still be lusting over gothic styles for a while to come. These shoe boots look downright dangerous with that point on the back, and the cat’s eyes are seriously creepy. All scary elements aside, though, Irregular Choice has yet again brought us a pair of shoes that no one could forget!


What’s everyone up to this Halloween? Leave a comment and make me jealous with your fabulous costume and party ideas!


Until next time,

Jessica xx


Top photo from mysticinvestigations.com




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