Wet weather shoes…more than just wellies!

How many times have you spent a day in squishy socks because the shoes you were wearing during that sudden shower weren’t waterproof? Given our country’s climate, you’d think that we would know better than to leave the house in shoes that aren’t rain-friendly…but let’s face it, we can’t (or shouldn’t) wear wellies every day!

As I’m typing this post, my feet are cold and clammy because the soles of my boots didn’t hold up against the light rain we had this morning…so I’ve been inspired to search for some fresh ideas for water-resistant shoes from Sarenza.co.uk:


melissaOk, so these Melissa shoes are KIND OF like wellies, but they’re a nice change from typical festival footwear! They come in red as well, I’m not sure which colour I prefer! Nice enough to wear to work with a pair of tights or leggings, but still practical to get you through a rainy day.


Speaking of festivals…these Dr. Martens shoes are one style that’s overcelebrated during festival season but often overlooked throughout the rest of the year. I’m not saying you should wear these to work or on a date…but they’ll definitely keep you dry on a casual weekend. This style fits in rather well with the burgundy and military trends that are so popular right now.
I know that leather boots and rain definitely do not mix, but these Esprit shoes are 100% synthetic, making them a bit more weather resistant and taking away the stress you feel when a drop of water lands on your new leather shoes! (And much cheaper, too!) :)


And what about a rainy night out? These Café Noir shoes  may not be quite as practical as your trusty wellies, but they’re far more sexy, no? Like the Esprit ankle boots, they’re 100% synthetic so you don’t have to spend the whole party worrying that your shoes will be ruined. But watch out for slick bits of pavement, though!



I’m not sure I could bring myself to wear rubber trainers…but they do exist! These Little Marcel shoes feature the signature rainbow pattern and are made from rubber instead of canvas. Any takers?


What do you think? What is your go-to shoe for a rainy day?


Have a great afternoon,

Jessica xx




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