Sarenza’s fastest runners…thanks to New Balance!

Sarenza team members training for a 20k!

Summer may be the time when most of the world starts getting a little fitness-crazy…but even though summer is winding down and most holidays have finished, my gym is more crowded than ever! On one hand, I think it’s great that so many people are trying to keep up their fitness routine. On the other hand, I’m ready for them to resign themselves to chunky jumpers and oversized coats so that I can walk to the showers without brushing against 18,325 sweaty women along the way…

While my exercise routine mostly involves climbing the four flights of stairs to the changing room and fighting for some sauna space, some of my colleagues at Sarenza are REALLY getting into shape by training for a 20k run.

Laurie Anne, Nicolina, and Eleanor with their coach

New Balance has been kind enough to offer Sarenza employees and a few of our loyal French customers the opportunity to participate in the 20 kilometer run here in Paris next month. They’ve even given our girls training sessions with an official New Balance coach to help them prepare.

Are you still in fitness mode after the summer, or are you ready to ditch the diet until after the holidays? Since buying new shoes is always good motivation to do pretty much anything (for me, at least), here are some of my favourite sport trainers to help if you’re still trying to convince yourself to stay on track…


How fab are these bright blue New Balance shoes? Bright athletic shoes are still all the rage (at my gym, at least), and having these beauties on would definitely make those long runs a little easier, no?


If you prefer sport competition to solo exercise, I think these Asics trainers  are the perfect choice. A nice change from the all-white tennis wardrobe, I think the black laces on these shoes add a refreshingly edgy touch to a traditionally posh sport.


These Nike shoes are designed for general athletic activities…they might not be meant for marathon runners, but they’re perfect if you’re like me and like to do a variety of sport activities.


So, ready to hit the gym yet??


Jessica xx




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