Oh, hello autumn! Ankle boots featuring Uggs, Steve Madden, Clarks, and more!

It’s just about time to say goodbye to sandals and skirts and reunite with our jumpers and scarves…I can’t believe the summer is already over! A lot of fashion bloggers out there are talking about how excited they are to shop for new winter clothes, but I’m not quite ready yet…sometimes it seems like we didn’t even really have a summer! However, it’s true that retail therapy is always a solution to the seasonal blues. So to celebrate (or not) back-to-school and the approaching autumn, here are a few ankle boots from Sarenza.co.uk!


These might not be the most creative boots ever, but these Guess shoes are a great way to stay warm without looking like an Eskimo. A stiletto heel and subtle bow on the front add a nice feminine touch!

I’m a bit surprised that cowboy boots never seem to have gone out of style…instead, theu just keep getting updates, like these Steve Madden shoes. I think the coloured pattern could be a nice compliment for a basic outfit, like jeans and a slouchy jumper.

Here’s another style that I thought would have surely gone out of fashion by now…but nope, it seems like Ugg boots are here to stay. I was never a big fan of Uggs, but they do look awfully comfy, and they come in every colour of the rainbow.

Bonus: These boots from Australia Luxe Collective are basically Uggs with studs. Yes, you read that correctly… studded uggs:

Clarks is one of those brands that literally has something for everyone…they make plenty of classic styles, but there are also plenty of Clarks shoes that have a definite fashion twist. Take these snake print boots for a prime example!


These may not quite be ankle boots…but I’ve snuck them in because I think they’re fab. Chie Mihara shoes are always lovely, and these boots are no exception…such a nice change from wearing black and brown all winter long!


What do you think of these boots? I love ankle boots for giving us a solution for those days of “in-between” weather, what about you?


Have a great week,

Jessica xx




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