Midi, Mini, Maxi…which shoes for which hemline?

So often I see girls who think that looking “sexy” means wearing short, tight dresses and sky-high stilettos. And I cringe inside. Why do so many women fail to realise that sexy and trashy are NOT the same thing? This continued fashion faux pas has inspired me to blog about choosing shoes that match the rest of an outfit, specifically dresses. I am by no means an expert, so please share your ideas, too! Here’s how I’d style skirts of all lengths:

Mini dress
In case you didn’t pick this up from my rant at the top of the post…mini dresses and super high heels DON’T mix. When I wear a shorter dress, I usually choose practical but pretty ballet pumps or a kitten keel. I know that the small heel can help make my legs look longer without making me look like Snooki. (No offense to Snooki or to any who consider her a fashion icon. It’s just not my style, that’s all…)


These Bloch shoes are still sexy with their shiny finish and pointed toe, so they’re great for a night out. No hoochiness required!

Maxi dress
Choosing the right shoes for a maxi dress can be tough…for me, though, I usually go with sandals. I’m pretty tall, so if I wear high heels hidden under a maxi dress, then it looks like I have freakishly long legs. I mean in a freak way, not in a “wow that gorgeous top fashion model has got freakishly long legs” kind of way.

These sandals from Les Tropéziennes are perfect under a long, flowy skirt–super summery, and, more importantly, super COMFY! Les Tropéziennes might be the most comfortable sandals ever…the brand is hugely popular here in France, and I totally get why. French women are actually smart enough to wear shoes that don’t kill their feet!

On the other hand, though, shorter women might not like to wear sandals under a maxi dress for feel of being swamped by all the fabric. For you lovely ladies, I’d recommend a nice pair of wedges.

These L.K. Bennett shoes  still keep the summery feel while elongating your legs. I can picture these going great with a flowy white maxi dress and a floppy straw hat.

Midi dress
Midi dresses are great for a lot of reasons, one of them being that you can wear just about any type of shoe. THIS is the time to break out the mile-high heels. Or sandals, lace-ups…even boots.

Wearing knee-high boots under a midi length skirt is classy, elegant, and oh-so-British. These boots would be perfect to stay warm on a crisp autumn day! Stéphane Kélian shoes are some of my favourites, but they can be a bit expensive…check out these similar ones from Clarks too :)

For warmer weather, though, I’d definitely break out the high heels.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think midi skirts have a distinct retro feel. I mean come on, all of the Mad Men heroines live in midi dresses! To complement the 1960s style, I’d pick these Paul & Betty shoes with their lovely polka dots!


Have a great afternoon everyone :)

Jessica x





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