Crazy shoes! Get attention with Irregular Choice, Steve Madden, and more

There’s nothing wrong with having a classic style…but sometimes wearing the SAME pair of black stilettos can get just a tad bit boring, no? Especially when they’re paired with yet another “elegant” LBD. Whether it’s a girls’ night out or a high street hike, every now and then it can be fun to take a few fashion risks. I imagine it can be, at least, because I’m one of the last people on earth willing to try a crazy new style! But even if you’re a bit shy like me, it’s still possible to have a blast browsing and admiring some designers’ creativity.

For inspiration or admiration, here are my top five bold and creative designs from


Let’s start with Jeffrey Campbell, whose entire collection could probably fit into this blog post…These particular Jeffrey Campbell shoes are some kind of weird original boot/high heel/platform/wedge combo that will definitely turn heads. Just make sure you can actually walk in them, first…wouldn’t want to turn heads bt crashing down a staircase!




Another go-to brand for unique style, these Irregular Choice shoes are sure to “wow” everyone you pass. They could be worn with jeans or a dress, and they come in blue or pink glitter. Talk about the ultimate party shoe!



I’m not sure if these Steve Madden shoes were inspired by the 1970s, Native Americans, or a drug overdose…but the Winonna is sure to energise every step you take. These would be great with a simple black maxi dress…let the boho movement run wind!



Time to bring out the little devil inside with these Bordello shoes! Whether you want to channel The Hunger Games or burn up the dancefloor, these fiery heels will show everyone that you’re adventurous…and not afraid to walk on fire!



High heels may be one of the more obvious ways to make a big statement, but it’s still possible to show off your flamboyant personality, even if heels aren’t your thing. These Pataugas shoes, for example, are packed with style and (literal) ferocity and they’re as comfy as your favourite trainers. Because, well, they ARE trainers.


So what do you think of these flashy designs?


Until next time,

Jessica xx




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