Spice up your life! Spice Girls-inspired fashion from Buffalo, Jancovek, and more

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The rumoured Spice Girls reunion performance is getting closer and closer…just three more days! All of the hype is making me seriously nostalgic about my childhood, when arguing with friends over who got to “be” which Spice Girl was one of my larger sources of everyday stress.

Just as much fun as the music (if not more fun) was the persona built around each of the girls, from the distinctly different styles they adopted in public to the parodies they made of themselves in the wonderfully terrible Spice World movie. I know it’s all artificial marketing ploys and publicity stunts and blah blah blah but who cares, it’s still fun.

So, to celebrate this much-anticipated blast to the past, I’ve picked out some modern-day shoes that I think capture the style of everyone’s favourite girl band:

Got to love Mel B’s sassy attitude and funky style…of all the Spice Girls, I think she’s the one who embodies “girl power” the most! Fashion trademark? Leopard prints, of course!

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In 2012, crazy leopard platform boots might not be are definitely not a staple of most fashionable women’s wardrobes, but these more modern Miezko shoes could be a good way to capture Mel B’s strong personality while staying in touch with the 21st century:

My ten-year-old self was determined to be Posh Spice when I grew up. No, really, that was my ambition. Sadly, the fact that I’m not married to an international superstar, eat pizza/cake/fries, and smile on a fairly regular basis all seem to indicate that I failed at this particular goal.

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That may not have been my destiny (at least, not yet), but it’s still possible to channel Victoria’s graceful elegrance with shoes like these black stiletto heels from Buffalo…

Geri got to wear some seriously fab outfits during the Spice Girls era, but of course nothing can compare to the iconic Union Jack dress…

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Again, red platform boots aren’t the easiest shoes to find these days…but another way to channel Ginger Spice’s patriotism (without running around in your knickers) could be wearing these British flag-inspired Jancovek shoes:

With her cutesy, girly girl style, it’s hard to believe that Emma is now a 36 year old mother of two! I don’t know how she’ll look for the reunion performance (assuming that’s happening, of course), but I still think of her like this:

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What do you think, will it be the same? I personally wouldn’t mind if she lost the platform trainers…wedges are where it’s at! These Rock & Candy shoes aren’t my usual style, but I think they’re exactly what a 2012 Baby Spice would wear…colour + height!

And finally, we have Sporty Spice. Mel C was always my least favourite of the Spice Girls, which I realise is a bit unfair. But, in my defense, little girls everywhere look up to (and want to imitate) women who are, well, feminine and stylish. Not so much women in ponytails and track suits (perhaps because my 10 year old self was already wearing way too many ponytails and track suits).

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But I can’t deny that Mel C was/is super fit, and her athletic style could definitely be adopted for a good workout session. These white Nike shoes are the perfect combination of sport + feminine = girl power!

So there you go, my excitement for the potential Spice Girls renuion and my love of shoes all rolled into one big fat blog post. What did you think? Which Spice Girl was YOUR fashion icon??


Have a great afternoon!
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