Competition:Become a Sarenza Ambassador!

Roll up, roll up fashion bloggers! Here at, we’re recruiting! Following the ever so sad departure of whatkatiewore from the blogging game (we miss you!), we have a space on our Ambassadors Programme for one lucky lady (or guy).

Terry De Havilland

Terry De Havilland

As a Sarenza Ambassador you’ll receive a £150 voucher to spend on shoes EVERY MONTH which you will then review on your blog, as well as the chance to win an extra £50 voucher each month for our ‘Ambassador post of the month’. On top of that, you’ll also receive invitations to events in Paris and London, exclusive news and sales previews! Not bad,right?

So, ask yourself, are you:

- A fierce fashionista?

- A bargain hunter?

- A trend trailblazer?

- A comfort lover?

- A stylish sista?

- A Rock ‘n’ roll fashion rebel?

- But above all…A SHOE ADDICT??!!

If so, then enter our competition! All you have to do is write a short article (no more than 300 words) on your favourite pair of shoes from Sarenza before 5pm on the 27th January 2012. *Update!* Following feedback from bloggers the winner will now be chosen in-house by the Sarenza team and announced on 1st February 2012 as originally planned :) .

Once you have posted your article, please tweet @SarenzaUK with your entry and the hashtag #SarenzaAmbassador so that your entry is not missed. And we’re done!

Happy blogging everyone,





  1. #1 Laura ('The Babble Emporium'):

    THIS is what you call an amazing competition. Absolutely adore Sarenza, definitely going to enter this one! xxx

  2. #2 Eleanor:

    Hey Hey Laura!! Can’t wait to read your entry, good luck and thanks for all the lovin’!! Eleanor@Sarenza xxx

  3. #3 Siel:

    I am definitely entering this! I practically dream about shoes every night :) Now the hardest part will be to choose only one favourite pair from the Sarenza website!

  4. #4 Eleanor:

    Hey Siel!Look forward to reading your entry and good luck!! Eleanor@Sarenza xxx

  5. #5 The Style Box:

    Am I allowed to talk about a recently purchased pair of shoes? ;) x

  6. #6 Eleanor:

    haha why of course you can!! Exciiittteeedd to read yoru entry! Eleanor@Sarenza xxx

  7. #7 Siel:

    I forgot to ask the most important question (for me): Can you also participate when you live outside the UK (Belgium)?

  8. #8 Denise:

    Does it have to be shoes currently being offered? I bought a pair in 2011 that I looooved (Francoise la Francaise!) Everybody loved it!

  9. #9 Eleanor:

    Ah noooo i’m so sorry, as we only ship to the UK, we wouldn’t be able to send you your shoes each month :( so so sorry

  10. #10 Eleanor:

    Hey Denise! If you have pics of the shoes and they were bought from Sarenza, I don’t see why not! What brand were they? Is it still online? Eleanor@Sarenza xxx

  11. #11 The Style PA:

    What an awesome opportunity. Good luck to everyone who enters!

  12. #12 Debra Hall:

    don’t you think it is important to see something ‘in the flesh’ in order to feedback effectively?

  13. #13 Emma:

    This is the most brilliant thing I’ve heard of in ages!!! Have completed my entry :-)

  14. #14 Eleanor:

    Hi Debra! I agree it is always easier to comment on something you’ve seen in the flesh but obviously in this case it’s not necessarily possible! Are you going to enter? Eleanor@Sarenza xxx

  15. #15 Eleanor:

    Hey Emma!! Glad you like it!! Look forward to reading your entry and GOOD LUCK!! Eleanor@Sarenza xxxx

  16. #16 Caroline:

    What a fantastic opportunity! I’ll definitely be entering this one! :)

  17. #17 Eleanor:

    Hey Caroline! Happy you like the competition, excited to see your entry and GOOD LUCK!! Eleanor@Sarenza xxx

  18. #18 Anika Leopard:

    I just wet myself in excitement. Shoes shoes shoes!

  19. #19 Kylie:

    I would have loved to enter, but I really despise voting. Its basically going to be the blogger with the most followers that wins and that is not very fair. Also its horrible when you work really hard for votes, bothering everyone you know and don’t win, been through all this before. Good luck to everyone though xx

  20. #20 Eleanor:

    @Anike loving your excitement! Can’t wait to read your blog post!

    @Kylie I know no one likes asking for votes but remember, the 5 finalists are chosen on QUALITY! From then you have a pretty good chance, especially as we’ll be plugging the finalists to our fans on our blog, facebook and Twitter! Let me know if you change your mind, you gotta be in it to win it ;) Eleanor@Sarenza xxx

  21. #21 Sadie:

    What a fantastic opportunity :) . I don’t think I’ll be entering as I agree with Kylie regarding the voting system…..

    Sadie x

  22. #22 Becky from life/style/flash.:

    I’ve just spent the past day-or-so writing and polishing my entry into this amazing competition – what an opportunity! – and I’m just about to press publish! Eek!

    *crosses fingers*

  23. #23 Caroline:

    Have written my entry:

    Good luck to everyone! :)

  24. #24 Cara:

    hi! I was just curious, i’m only 15 so would i be old enough to apply?:-)xx

  25. #25 Eleanor:

    Hey Cara! Thanks for your interest but I’m really sorry the minimum age is 18 :( I had a quick look at your blog though and it’s awesome! Keep it up and i’m sure in a couple of years time you’ll get loads of opportunities like this one. Eleanor@Sarenza xxx

  26. #26 Curious Emily:

    So excited to enter this competition! I just accidentally bought a new pair of bargain boots too, justified as, uh…research.

    Everything that can physically be crossed is crossed! :) x

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  28. #27 Kavita:

    Hiya, does the article need to be on your blog?! or sent via email? xx

  29. #28 Eleanor:

    Hi Kavita, if you write an article on your blog and then tweetw us on @SarenzaUK your entry will be logged! Let me know if you need any more info! Eleanor@Sarenza xxx

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  32. #29 Zoe Homes:

    I’m not sure about the voting thing either but I’ve entered coz I am indeed a Shoe Addict and I love writing :)

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  34. #30 Sadie:

    Ah i’ve had a change of heart, the comp is too good to miss and i’d love to become a ambassador. Here’s my entry:

    Sadie x

  35. #31 Georgia:

    This is my kind of competition! Omg how great would it be to win! I’m getting right on this one..

  36. #32 Ambarina:

    Totally heart this competition – it was made for me!!

    I’d just LOVE to become a Sarenza Ambassador – I’d be in seventh heaven! – so here’s my entry, posted today:

    Ambarina xXx

  37. #33 meghavarshini:

    Can I still submit? Just came to know about it :(

  38. #34 Becky from life/style/flash.:

    Eek, the winner is being announced in a matter of hours!!

  39. #35 Isa:

    oHHHHH nooO I just found out about this today!
    I’m going to go sulk in a dark corner chewing on shoes!

  40. #36 Shoeniverse:

    Will there be any further spots opened for this?


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