Amélie Pichard, the Next Big Thing

Designer Amelie Pichard's exclusive collection for Sarenza

Amelie Pichard's exclusive collection for Sarenza

As I’m sure you’re aware, Sarenza takes pride in discovering hidden gems of talent and finding shoe designers and brands that you can’t find anywhere else. So, it gives us great pleasure today to introduce you all to the very talented French designer Amélie Pichard, who has recently launched an exclusive capsule collection of 12 chic and glamorous styles right here on our very own site!

Amelie Pichard is part of the new fresh and dynamic wave of French designers who are sure to make a big impression on the fashion world.

We love her dreamlike universe and ultra feminine designs, which are always added with a touch of humour. For her specially designed capsule collection, each shoe is named after a famous fashion icon.

The designer Amelie Pichard

The designer Amelie Pichard

Best of all, Amelie Pichard’s boots, sandals and pumps are designed especially to walk on the pavement – which is fabulous news for girls like me who enjoy wearing heels, but are constantly on the go at work!

Last week I was lucky enough to meet the young designer who we predict very big things for!

Sarenza: Have you always wanted to work in the fashion industry?

Amélie Pichard: I have always wanted to work with women.  At 8, I had fun styling my friends and I played with my Barbie until I was quite old!  I love playing with the womanly shape and posture and I want to offer them accessories that will make them feel confident and affirm their style.

S: How would you describe your world?

AP: Vintage, sophisticated, quirky and timeless! I am a spiritual descendant of Charles Jourdan… More seriously, I do not create high-pitched and fetish shoes which look scary to walk in and just end up staying inyour wardrobe because you’re too scared to wear them!

S: Anna (Karina), Marylin, Isabella (Rossellini) … Each  of your shoes for your exclusive capsule collection for Sarenza have actresses or singers’ names- do you take your inspiration from them?

AP: Yes, definitely! When I’m looking at a photo, watching a movie or at a concert, I love keeping my attention on the muse and imagining the shoes she could wear.

S: Do you follow fashion/trends to develop your creations, or is this more an archival work?

AP: I only work with my feeling and desires.  A designer’s role is to bring his or her world to their creations and make them timeless, yet modern at the same time. This is why I make sure only to create styles that I know I’d wear.

S: There is a sense of humor in your designs, is this an important feature of your character?

AP: Yes! I love laughing. But I do not want my work to make people laugh, rather I want them to see that I have a slightly eccentric note that draws people attention without being ridiculous!

S: Who are your shoes designed to? How can we wear them?

AP: My goal is to reach fashion addicts and also a wider audience. I don’t want to discriminate against any style or age. I’m happy because my shoes speak to many women, they allow them to express a sophisticated or a casual side they are not used to. I really believe that it’s important to have fun with fashion!

S: Which type of shoe is your favourite?
AP: I never just wear one pair per day. I can’t stay on the same high heel height all day long. I always have a second pair of shoes  with me. I like wearing  flat shoes but also high heels. I love every type of shoe.

S: What kind of fashion lover are you?
AP: I am a collector and a vintage lover. I am also so nostalgic! I like looking back in the past because it reassures me. It’s like when you feel a fragrance that reminds you of a past time that plunges you into your memory. I like creating styles that speak to women just like that old perfume.

S: What are your new projects?

AP: For summer 2012, I developed a vintage bag collection which I’m looking forward to releasing.

 S: If you had the choice, which shoe from your collection would you choose to wear?

AP: That’s easy; I’m wearing the Anna K style in khaki because it’s cozy and chic at the same time! But I also have the cork and varnish black Audrey style – it’s a classic!

Audrey style from Amélie Pichard

The cork and varnish black Audrey style – a classic


This post have been translated from the French Sarenza post written by Annabel.


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