Paris: the capital of love, light and vintage!

Paris is not only widely known as the capital of love and fashion (or the love of fashion if you will!), but over the last few years, it has also become the world wide hotspot for vintage shops. In fact, you may remember our very own Eleanor blogging about her own vintage shopping experience in Paris’s fashionable Marais district back in June!

For lovers of all things retro like Eleanor, Paris hosts the “Salon du Vintage”. This is an event that takes place twice a year and sells everything from elegant 1920’s pieces, to neon eighties clothing! As I have soft spot for all things kitch and slightly alternative, I joined the thousands of fashion followers last weekend and went to check it out for myself.

Exhibitors from all over France were there and and walking into the exhibit was literally like un earthing a treasure trove, with an amazing collection of just about everything from lovingly restored furniture to legendary designer pieces to an original rubix cube!

Amazing 1940's coat!

Amazing 1940's coat!

I can't go anywhere now without finding the shoe section!

This year, not only was there something old, but there was something new too, as fashion newcomers were also invited to exhibit at the event. Amongst the newcomer’s category were jewelers, artists and fashion designers. One of my personal favourites was this rather cute T-shirt designer, who handmade each of his cool comic strip style t-shirts so no two are the same!

The new kid on the block - fashion world, watch this space!

The new kid on the block - fashion world, watch this space!


Here’s a sneek peak at some of  more of my favourite gems from the show:

 I want to be retro cool and have this table in my living room. All that’s missing is a lava lamp!

This 1950′s ensemble would go perfectly with a pair of pumps and head band. Was extremely tempted to break my budget, throw on the dress and do a bop.

I’ve always been one for big bags and they don’t get much bigger, better or more vintage than this one! This one made me think of the old movies when lovers’ say goodbye at train stations. I wanted to be one.Definitely one on my wishlist!

This was my favourite art piece of the day and was a light installation from a new Parisian artist who takes inspiration from the underground music scene in the capital.

This was my absolute favourite piece of the entire show and took me back (or at least reminded me of what television and films have portaryed of the 1920′s, with the Charleston, champagne and feathers in the hair.  I’m not quite sure I could pull off the whole look, so for now I”ll just search for the feather!

For those of you who fancy mixing a shopping trip with a weekend break, the Salon du Vintage re opens its nostalgic doors in June 2012. To feed my new addiction for now, I’ll have to stick to the vintage fashion district in Paris – which isn’t a very bad substitute!

What’s your favourite item from my findings? Where’s your fave place to go vintage shopping?




  1. #1 claire:

    For me it has to be the shoes but I could so see me in that dress this Christmas :)

  2. #2 Hazel Marie:

    I know! The dress has got my mind working over time about a 1920′s Christmas party!




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