I Heart My Melissa Shoes

When I turned 24 earlier in July, I made a few ‘mid twenties resolutions’ to myself: give up carbs, be sensible with money, no drinking on a school night and learn to walk graciously in heels. The patisserie beneath my flat, Parisian’s love of red wine and my incapability to say no to anything shiny and sparkly have meant that all but one of these resolutions have come to nothing. I have however made a huge effort with the heels thing.

First came my first ever night out in high heels in Paris when, after following our Blogger Ambassador and high heel lover Reena’s advice, I successfully managed to stay in my heels for an entire night out on the town in Paris. Then, later in August came another milestone…I bought my first ever pair of Sarenza heels, which also happen to be the World’s Prettiest Shoes; the Melissa by Vivinenne Westwood Anglomanias!

I may have kept a little shrine at my desk for them for a while...

I had actually seen these on a singer when I went to a concert back in April and vowed that if they ever came on our website, I would buy them. They are without doubt the most girly, most glittery, prettiest shoes that I have ever seen and they even smell as delicious!  It would seem I’m not alone in thinking this. Our Blogger Ambassadors Jen, Fi, and Amber all also joined me in their love of all things jelly and heart shaped and invested in a pair too.

As I said in my previous blog, I aptly showcased these beauties for the first time at the film premier of God Save My Shoes – not before having a little test run in the office and showing them off at the same time!

Flashing the shoes around the office before the big night out

Flashing the shoes around the office before the big night out

Because the shoes were so amazing, I decided to downplay the rest of the outfit, so they would steal the rightful show. I went of course for leopard print, (as it seems like I am incapable of loving any other trend!) with a pair of jeans. The dark pink and the leopard print actually really complimented each other nicely and the simple jeans really showed off the shoes to their full effect.

The classic Hazel leopard print accompaniment

The classic Hazel leopard print accompaniment

Once at the premier I remembered everything that Reena taught me and made sure I had a few complimentary glasses of champagne, just to numb the pain a little ;) I also luckily got to sit down quite a bit at the film screening itself, which was handy!

Even at the after party I managed to keep them on for the entire night and made some rather impressive moves on the dance floor. The shoes themselves are surprisingly comfy and the heel is sturdy enough to walk around/flail around in clubs for really long periods of time.  If you’re a shoe lover, a fan of girly things or just like beautiful things then I cannot recommend these shoes enough. Luckily they’re still available to buy on our site, both in my colour and a sexy red *plug plug*.

Despite my successful night out, the shoes have gone back home to their place in my shoe closet and are resting peacefully. I think these are definitely shoes I will save for special occasions as opposed to regular nights out on the town as they are just so pretty I want to preserve them (and their smell!) for as long as possible.

As for my high heel wearing, I think the only way is up! Next time I may invest in stilettos….





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