Housewarmings, birthdays and other reasons to be party in Paris…

I’ve been living in Paris for just over a year now and had been thinking about moving home for a while. Earlier this month, I finally took the plunge and did it! (and all it took me was 4 trips back and forth to my old apartment!)

I have moved in with none other than our previous Customer Service temp Chloe – we keep things in the family at Sarenza!

Although I’ve moved houses a few times before, I’ve never really had a housewarming party.
Last week was Eleanor’s birthday (she’ll kill me for publishing that! ;) ), so we decided that a joint celebration was in order!

I happily got my glad rags on, as I’ve never really hosted an event in my life. Luckily Chloe was on hand to give me advice and Galina from Germany’s Customer Services team came to help me with the preparations.

I finally did the 50’s inspired look that I mentioned in this post (blog link) and of course, I wore my famous Jeffrey Campbell wedges, which are my still my favourite shoe this season. Eleanor looked fab and had her Georgia Rose heels on. Haze let down the team on the shoe department by not wearing any Sarenza footwear, but still looked lovely.

Me in my new home rocking the 50's look

Me in my new home rocking the 50's look

In the end, it turned into a housewarming-birthday party-polyglot café!! All in all, there were approximately 2 Spanish, 3 Germans, 3 French, 4 English girls and a Kiwi :)

It was a great night, although I spent a lot of time scurrying around making sure no one looked bored and that there were enough refreshments.

Me and Haze in her trademark print

Me and Haze

Later, we went to Favela Chic, a in the cool district of Paris that Eleanor has mentioned in her previous Hotspots in my Hood blog. It was a really cool bar, with a huge mix of cultures and vibes from all around the globe.

The bday girl!

The bday girl!

Team UK fully got their groove on, Eleanor got her birthday celebration and we all had a good night out, so I think it’s safe to say that this is just the beginning of my hosting career!

To anyone visiting Paris in the near future, I would say that Favela Chic is a must!




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