Learning to walk in heels

In my recent anniversary blog, I bleated on about the fact that Parisian women love their high heels. I’m not a stranger per se to walking in heels. In fact, I have a few lovely pairs hanging up in wardrobe. Some of them even make it out on the streets on nights out, but by the end of the night they are usually replaced by flats and at 2 am in the morning I’m always the girl that can be found in the cab office, with my heels in one hand and chips in the other. So far, so English right?

Well, now that I have spent an entire year living in Paris, I thought it was time that I spent an entire night in Paris in heels and went to one of Sarenza’s blog ambassadors and a high heel expert Reena for a few tips. I have to admit that I sadly don’t own a pair of Sarenza high heels yet, despite them being the best range around and had to make do with a pair I got last year for Christmas.

4pm: Preparing for the challenge

Reena tells me that to feel as comfy as possible in heels, you first have to break them in. A few hours before me and my friends head to the latin quater, I do a few practice struts up and down my hallway. Reena has also suggested that alcohol numbs the pain. Whilst the Sarenza blog in no way condones binge drinking, I have a beer at the flat. It tastes good and the heels feel manageable.

Training before the big night

Training before the big night

7pm: The Metro

From the outside, the underground system with its pretty metropolitan signage gives the impression of a cute, nostalgic Paris. The reality is it’s a crazily structured maze, where you have to walk up three flights of stairs, just to go down four flights of stairs, turn about five corners, walk down long corridors and drink a magic potion to make you smaller just before you can access a platform. It’s a struggle for me at the best of times in flat shoes, but I see Parisian women walk the floor with this process and I am determined to do the same. I don’t do it with any of the elegance of my counterparts and instead stagger down steps one by one and hold on to every banister possible. I eventually make it on the platform ten minutes later than normal, but manage to strike an elegant pose through the discomfort before getting on the train.

Sophistication on a stick

Sophistication on a stick

8pm: The bar

The walk from the metro stop to the bar is not the most comfortable experience of my life. The streets in the latin quater are cobbled, which is great when you want a bit of traditional city landscape, but not great when you’re stumbling in three inch pylons. Reena advises on Twitter that I sit down as much as possible throughout the night and when we eventually get there, I plonk myself down on a stool and stay there for a very long time. When sitting, the pain isn’t too bad at all and I marvel at how pretty my feet look in the shoes.

Pretty shoes make pain worth it

Pretty shoes make pain worth it

11pm: The dancefloor

A few thousand cocktails later and several worrying looks from the bar staff who think I am actually super glued to the chair, I attempt throwing some shapes on the dance floor. I’m not sure whether it’s my new found confidence in the heels, or the hours of drinking (again something we do not condone!), but the pain from the shoes has gone. With the help of my friends, I manage to keep it together and not fall over.

Getting by with a lot of help from my friend Dom

Getting by with a lot of help from my friend Dom

3am: My sofa

It’s a struggle and tempting at times to whip my emergency flats out. But I keep my heels on for the rest of the night, even during the taxi ride home. I do however slump onto my sofa the second I get home and begin tucking into a delicious veggie kebab…well you can take the girl out of London…. ;)

Veggie kebab in one hand, shoes in the other. Some things never change

Veggie kebab in one hand, shoes in the other. Some things never change

The verdict

Whilst I didn’t have any of the grace, stamina and natural ability of the Parisians in their heels, I have to admit that I liked the look of myself in them; somehow it felt like my outfit was more feminine and it changed my posture completely. Whilst I’ll always be the girl with flats in my bag, Sarenza and Paris have definitely converted me to the joys of high heels and I will be stepping out in them again. If like me, you are ready to add to your high heel collection, click here to see Sarenza’s fabulous range of heels. Reena has been seen sporting heels from Guess, Mellow Yellow and Carvela and looks fab in all of them!




  1. #1 Reena:

    I am so proud of you!!! xx

  2. #2 Hazel:

    I’m proud of me too. Next stop: 6 INCH STILETTOS! ;)

  3. #3 Tom:

    Hey Hazel looks like fun, and bravo for keepin them on all night.

  4. #4 Sophie H:

    Great blog – loving Dom’s cameo! X

  5. #5 Justin:

    Not only do you keep the heels on all night but, you are working some AMAZING balance in the (brilliant) pic with Dom! lol Keep up the good work Hazey in Wonderland!

  6. #6 Anneca:

    You look great in them, just have to numb out the pain ;P

  7. #7 Hazel Marie:

    Thanks babe. The booze numbed most feeling! ;)




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