Sarenza Street Style: Chloe

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my Sarenza Street Style of the week; Chloe Campbell.

Before I talk about her great sense of style, I have to let you know I am cheating a bit. Not only is Chloe the latest recruit to our Sarenza Customer Service department, but she is also my former housemate and one of my closest friends in Paris. What can I say, we keep it in the family here.

I’m not taking bribes, it’s just that being a fashion student from one of Paris’s top art schools, Chloe emanates a certain style quality and one that people should definitely take note of! (Plus when she makes it big time as a designer, people can look back at this blog and say that I’m the one who discovered her first ;) )

Poses like a true professional

Poses like a true professional

Chloe is half French; half English and this is reflected in her style as she combines French chic and sophistication with British colour and eccentricity. Note how in today’s outfit she has taken a classic office look of high waisted trousers and blazer, whilst throwing in a daring splash of red and accessorizing with a statement necklace. It’s chic, it’s bold, it’s la classe. (That’s how the cool kids say its cool in French)

Chic bob and heavy eyemake up: très sophisticated!

Chic bob and heavy eyemake up: très sophisticated!

Chloe has only been at Sarenza HQ for a week and already loves working around so many top shoe brands. “My favourite labels here are Jonak, Boss Orange, Cosmoparis and Georgia Rose. I’ve already bought a pair of Mellow Yellow shoes, today I’m wearing San Marina’s, called Telora”

Red jacket, crazy patterns, statement necklace: English eccentricty

Red jacket, crazy patterns, statement necklace: English eccentricty

Whilst we love having her with us in Customer Service, with style vision like this, Chloe is sure to go far in the fashion world and who knows, maybe one day we’ll be stocking her shoes right here at Sarenza.

Watch this space and remember it was me who introduced you!




  1. #1 Daniela:

    amazing Neckless!!!

  2. #2 chloe:

    ohhhh your soo cute haze, thanx

  3. #3 Hazel Marie:

    @chloe – no you’re so cute Chloe – especially in those pics!

  4. #4 Justin:

    Wow Chloe, you are looking tres magnifique! Congrats on your post at Sarenza! Its quite a team you gals have there now. I’m so jealous! lol

  5. #5 Lina:

    very cute :)

  6. #6 Momma:

    Chloe is a stunner. Natural good looks and a sense of style, too.




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